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Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers?

September 22, 2022 | 3 min read

Updated October 19, 2023

By Sarah Milton


Summary: Are cucumbers bad for dogs or can dogs have cucumber? In this blog, we’ll learn about cucumbers for dogs, and discover whether they’re safe, bad, or good for dogs... 


Did you know that a cucumber is technically classed as a fruit!? Cucumbers grow across the world and are from the same family as pumpkins and zucchinis. They’re popular in salads, so they must be healthy... But, are cucumbers safe for dogs? Can we share cucumber with our canines...? 

Can Dogs Have Cucumbers? 

Yes! Cucumbers are safe for dogs to eat. They also come with a host of health benefits for both humans and dogs alike!  
Cucumbers are 95% water, so are incredibly hydrating while also being low in calories – cucumbers only contain about 8 calories per ½ cup of slices! Because a cucumber’s water level is so high, they do contain nutrients but not in vast amounts. However, they can provide vitamins and minerals like vitamins C, K, and B, potassium, and trace amounts of zinc, iron, and calcium. In addition, cucumbers contain moderate levels of fiber which lots of dogs don’t get enough of! 

Cucumbers are also touted to be natural breath fresheners! Although not a direct substitute for regular doggy oral hygiene, cucumbers can assist in breaking down bacteria in the mouth that can cause that well-known stinky dog breath! 

On a white surface, a whole half of cucumber, cut lengthways lies on its side, flesh exposed.

Can Dogs Eat Cucumber Skin? 

Yes. The skin, seeds, and flesh of a cucumber are not toxic to dogs.  

Are Cucumbers Bad For Dogs? 

Cucumbers are great for a dog to have but there are some things to consider before serving cucumber to a dog.  

You should wash your cucumber first to be sure it’s not got any pesticides or wax on the skin before both you and your furry friend eat one. 

You should also chop the cucumber into bitesize pieces before giving to your dog to reduce the risk of them choking on it – particularly if your dog scoffs their food! 

As with any additional food you offer your pup, treats should only make up 10% of their daily calories. Because cucumber contains fiber, too much of it can cause gastrointestinal disturbance resulting in diarrhea or excess gas. Every dog-safe food you feed your dog alongside their regular main meals should be given in strict moderation to avoid this and in limited amounts.  

Diabetic dogs should be able to enjoy cucumber, as can overweight dogs, but always check with your vet before offering a new food to dogs in these cases.  

Puppies should only be given very small amounts of cucumber if they’ve been fully weaned onto solid foods.  

On a white surface, a cucumber with its end chopped off is being sliced into by a sharp silver knife with a red handle.

Cucumbers For Dogs 

You can chop up cucumbers into cubes or slices for your dog to eat. You shouldn’t offer your dog an entire, whole cucumber as this poses a choking hazard for them.  

Cucumbers are great for a boost of hydration in the summertime for dogs, as heatstroke can be fatal for a dog. So, if they’re reluctant to drink, offering them cucumber may help.  

Got a teething puppy? Offer them small frozen cucumber spears. Their gums will thank you whilst satisfying their desire to chew!

Can Dogs Have Pickles? 

No. Pickles aren’t cucumbers. They’re fermented fruits and often contain salt and spices like garlic and onion which are toxic to dogs. It’s best to stick to the safety of cucumbers, and avoid foods from the list below known to be unsafe for a dog to eat... 
a blue and white infographic detailing which foods are toxic for dogs to consume


Author Guthrie, Lynn “Can Dogs Eat Cucumber? Yes, But Too Many Could Land Your Dog In A Pickle” Prrs & Wags by Pumpkin, Feb 28. 2022  

Author Burke, Anna “Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers?” American Kennel Club, May 26. 2017

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Sarah Milton

Authored By

Sarah Milton

Comes from a family of animal lovers and got to grow up with a menagerie of pets! I believe owning a pet is a privilege and I love researching and creating informative, fun content for fellow pet owners to help their furry friends have the happiest and healthiest lives. When I’m not writing blogs, you can find me sharing a walk with my pet dachshund or at a yoga class!




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