7 Essential Oils For Dogs

Summary: In this blog, we learn about calming scents for dogs. Essential oils have been touted as a great way to help our human bodies relax, but can essential oils do the same for dogs?   Anxiousness… Something that affects both us humans and our pups, alike. Just like us, our dogs can struggle with […]

Oct 04, 2023·6 min read
7 Essential Oils For Dogs

Summary: In this blog, we learn about calming scents for dogs. Essential oils have been touted as a great way to help our human bodies relax, but can essential oils do the same for dogs?


AnxiousnessSomething that affects both us humans and our pups, alike. Just like us, our dogs can struggle with fear and occasional stress, too, but in most cases, they don’t know how to adjust and support themselves through the difficulty.

That is where you, their loving pet parent, can come in.

As their owner and caregiver, it is important that you find ways for helping your pooch relax, unwind and reduce stress. Whether it is through a comforting blanket or a safe place in the house, helping reduce your pup’s stresses is extremely important, for both their health and their wellbeing.

The answer? First things first, you need to try to discover what is triggering your pooch’s heightened stress and find ways to combat it. For example, if your furry pal becomes anxious when you leave the house, finding ways of reassuring them of your pending return is key.

Using natural, essential oils to help support your pup’s relaxed disposition could also be the way forward. Below we have listed 7 powerful, calming scents for dogs that may help your pup feel relaxed, calm, and happy…

PetLab Co. Pro Tip: If you’re going to try and introduce these oils to your pup’s life, make sure you’re diluting the oils. Our dogs have an incredibly sensitive nose, so making sure these scents are relaxed can stop them from overpowering your pooch. 

Essential Oils For Dogs

Lavender Oil

wild lavender grows in green grass

For centuries, we have used lavender in aromatherapy to help relax and unwind the mind and body. The sweet aroma can help the central nervous system and the body release stress and tension. The natural qualities that benefit us humans can also have the same effect on our nervous pups.

If you know your pooch feels stressed when you leave the home or during times of excitement; Independence Day fireworks and New Year, for example, release the scent of lavender into the house. This may help promote calmness and help them face any stress that may have built up.

Geranium Oil

Used by many to help treat acne and sore throats, geranium oil can have similar relaxation-inducing qualities as lavender oil. This oil is more than just a sweet, pleasant smell, with natural properties that have the power to boost relaxation. Adding a few diluted drops in the space your pup is in may help your pooch feel soothed and relaxed. Geranium oil can absolutely be considered a calming scent for dogs.

Chamomile Oil

the daisy like flowers of a chamomile plant

When it comes to essential oils for dogs, chamomile is a naturally calming plant known for its ability to help soothe occasional anxiousness and thus could be a great choice to introduce to your stressed pooch.

These special qualities can reduce irritability for those moments of stress for your dog. You see, when your pup starts experiencing anxiousness or unsteadiness, they can react in strange ways, behaving in a manner that you might not expect. Some react by becoming more vocal, barking, and growling, whereas others can retreat and whimper until they feel more comfortable.

Cypress Oil

Used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans, cypress oil has been linked to helping reduce and relieve muscle discomfort. By removing unwanted and negative toxins, this oil can help boost the mood and help regulate blood flow around the body. The earthy scent can induce relaxation for your worried pet whilst helping to balance their emotions.

Our pups are more like us than we may know, feeling just as many emotions as us but with the inability to tell us how they’re feeling. That is why, as their puppy parent, you need to know what triggers your pooch and try to combat these by introducing a few natural remedies like calming scents for dogs.

Frankincense Oil

Sometimes known as olibanum, frankincense oil is a common type of essential oil used for its many healing benefits; helping with occasional stress and nerves, promoting a normal inflammatory response, and can even support a healthy immune system. This powerful oil has been used for thousands of years by us humans due to its calming and tranquil properties… And, they may work on your nervous pup too.

Just as the other oils above, introducing a few drops of diluted frankincense to your pup’s daily life may help promote a relaxed behavior. It can keep your pooch calm during their times of discomfort and help support positive behaviors during unsettling moments.

Lemon Oil

a close up of cut up, yellow lemon slices

It may sound strange, but the oil from lemon is touted to carry some incredible calming qualities! 

Normally you would pair lemon with a sharp, tangy taste, but the oil can work as a relaxant. Thought to help in relieving body tension and unwanted stress, lemon oil may work wonders on a nervous dog.

Once you’re aware of the triggers of their restless behavior, using diluted lemon oil could be the answer to keeping your pup happy and calm. For example, if it is loud noises – fireworks – that induce anxiousness, then make sure you’re introducing the oil a few days before to try to support your pup when experiencing tension and stress.

Almond Oil

Essential oils can offer so many benefits for your dog and can promote overall health and well-being. Just think, the happier your pup is, the better life they will live. Using these oils will need to be subtle and spearing as your pooch’s sense of smell is incredibly strong and you don’t want to cause them more stress by trapping them in a home full of an overpowering odor. Using Almond oil will not cause stress on your pup’s senses, and may also help support their skin and fur health.

Calming Scents For Dogs

Living with a dog that experiences anxiousness can be stressful and worrying – especially if you’re not sure what is causing the tension. Using the oils mentioned above may help soothe your pup’s discomfort while you try to discover what is triggering their worries.

By using a supplement or creating your own blend of spray, you may find by using calming scents for dogs, you end up with a much happier and more relaxed pup living with you.

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