7 Tips To Calm Your Dog This 4th Of July

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How To Calm Your Dog During Fireworks

The 4th of July has been a federal holiday since 1941. It commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence; the day we officially became a free nation! It’s usually an entire weekend full of pride, parades, and fireworks, and it’s an opportunity for us to get together - even if we are socially distancing - with loved ones and celebrate our amazing country.

Now, the 4th of July is always a fantastic party for us humans, but for some dogs, it can be a little scary and overwhelming!

As you plan your 4th July celebrations, it’s worth considering your pets in your plans too as the loud noises and festivities can induce a lot of anxiety and panic for some of our four-legged friends.

Similarly to New Year’s Eve, 4th July is alive with noisy celebrations, fireworks, and lots of new people – all of which can induce nervousness or fear in your pets. To help them stay calm, and avoid any unusual behavior, here are a few tips:

Dogs Afraid Of Fireworks? Wear Them Out

By making sure your dog has had plenty of exercise during the day, you can ensure they are tired enough to sleep through most of the loud fireworks and busy parties. If a dog has less energy, he’ll be less likely to panic. Exercise also releases endorphins in your pets to keep them feeling content and happy.

Dogs Afraid Of Fireworks? Give Them Space

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One of the best ways to keep your dogs calm during big celebrations is to limit their space to a confined area. If dogs are crate trained, this provides a sense of security for them and gives them a place to hide and relax. If they are not crate trained, just pop them into a room where they cannot hurt themselves or damage anything, that’s far away from the noise and commotion.

Dogs Afraid Of Fireworks? Turn On The TV

Having the TV or radio on will not only help muffle the sound of fireworks but also keep your pup distracted. Soothing music will help the most, but any TV show or channel will be useful! Turn it on a few hours before the festivities begin so that your pet can associate the noise of the TV with peace and comfort.

Dogs Afraid Of Fireworks? Use Natural Calming Aids

Similarly to how we can take Rescue Remedy, or Chamomile Tea to calm our nerves, there are some natural calming aids available for dogs that work wonders. Many vets recommend plug-in scent diffusers, but these have a tendency to make your dog drowsy and unwell. 

Dogs Afraid Of Fireworks? Keep Calm Yourself

Dogs can pick up on our moods and feelings, so keeping calm yourself is super important if you want your pup to stay relaxed. Speak in soothing tones, don’t jump or make sudden movements, and try not to over-excite your dog during the festivities. Pet them lots, and treat them whenever they seem unfazed by loud noises.

Dogs Afraid Of Fireworks? Take Them Somewhere Quiet

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If you aren’t one for big parties, but your neighborhood is, it’s best to take a little road-trip to somewhere quiet and peaceful for your pup. Avoiding the close proximity of fireworks will be the best way to prevent anxiety or outbursts of panic.

Dogs Afraid Of Fireworks? Distract Them With New Toys And Treats

By giving your pet something fun to do, you can occupy their attention away from any impending anxiety! New toys, tasty treats, or fun games are the ideal way to divert their attention – a chew toy covered in peanut butter is the ultimate distraction!

Dogs Afraid Of Fireworks? Our Final Thoughts

The 4th of July can be enjoyable for every member of your family, including your pooch. By planning ahead, you can be sure you’re doing the best by your pet so you can celebrate worry and guilt-free.

Happy Independence Day to all our Petlab Co. Customers!


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