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    The Health Benefits Of Walking Your Dog

    The Health Benefits Of Walking Your Dog

    by Health / 3 min read


    Estimated Read Time: 3 ½ minutes

    Summary: In this blog, learn about the benefits of taking your dog for a walk. And, spoiler alert… The health benefits of walking your dog exist not only for your pup, but for you too!

    Are Walks Good For Dogs?

    Walking a dog every day, or making sure they’re exercised in some way daily, is an essential part of dog ownership. It benefits their health and long-term wellbeing in numerous ways…

    • It helps maintain their weight by burning calories, and thus prevents obesity
    • It maintains their agility and keeps them limber for longer
    • It promotes muscular strength and flexibility
    • It helps them feel less stressed
    • It diminishes the likelihood of destructive behavior
    • It improves digestion
    • It boosts their urinary health
    • It reduces boredom
    • It strengthens their bond with you
    • It reduces feelings of loneliness
    • It betters their sleep quality
    • It betters their social skills with other dogs and people
    • It provides ample mental stimulation (there are so many things to sniff and explore on a walk!)
    • It can boost their confidence
    • Dogs are creatures of habit, and a daily walk around the same time and of similar length provides them with a sense of structure and stability

    A small white Spaniel wearing a black harness walks alongside its owner with muddy paws. The owner walks through a puddle, wearing orange boots and a large blue coat.

    The Health Benefits Of Walking Your Dog

    A lot of the health benefits your dog can reap from a daily walk, you can reap too

    With nearly 75% of adult Americans classed as being overweight or obese, and over 50% of America’s dogs being categorized as being obese or overweight too, we do clearly have an evident weight problem here in the USA. Obesity has been proven to have a knock-on effect on other health conditions (like diabetes and heart disease) and risks (like cancer) too. 

    The average adult (according to the World Health Organization) should engage in moderate activity for at least 30 minutes a day to help keep their weight down and to help promote their overall health status. And, walking a dog can help that!

    According to VCA Hospitals, in a 2008 study based in Seattle and Baltimore, adults who regularly walked their dogs were less likely to be obese than other non-dog-owning members of their community. 

    Walking your dog – in addition to many of the perks your dog gets from walking listed above – can also benefit you by:

    • Improving your cardiovascular fitness
    • Boosting your mental health and decreasing stress
    • Promoting your muscle and bone strength
    • Reducing your blood pressure
    • Helping improve your sleep quality
    • Helping with weight loss and management
    • Increasing the opportunity to meet other members of your community

    Are Long Walks Good For Dogs?

    Different dog breeds need different lengths and styles of exercise. You can check out how much your dog most likely needs daily by using our handy PetLab Co. infographic below:

    a blue, red and white infographic detailing how much exercise a dog needs depending on the size and breed

    If you’re unclear on how much exercise your dog needs, do consult with your veterinarian who will be able to advise. 

    The occasional walk that is longer than your dog’s breed technically requires should be absolutely fine as long as you’re not over-exercising them every day.

    Before you walk, make sure your dog is properly equipped with a well-fitting harness, collar, and leash and that they’re suitably tagged and microchipped. Make sure to bring poop bags with you on your walk so you can pick up and properly dispose of their mess, and always pack a source of fresh, clean water to offer your dog after their walk. 

    If the weather is adverse (too hot, too wet, or too cold) for a walk, check out our blog on alternative ways to stimulate and exercise your dog here so they don’t go a day without reaping the amazing benefits of exercise.


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