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    Do Dogs Burp?

    Do Dogs Burp?

    by Health / 3 min read

    Can Dogs Burp?


    Estimated Read Time: 4 ½ minutes

    Summary: In this blog, we learn all about dog burping and the different things that cause it including gastric torsion, aerophagia in dogs, and acid reflux. We’ll discover how to help and prevent dog burping and what to do in serious cases…


    Do dogs burp? The answer is yes! Dogs, like humans, may need to fart or burp to relieve excess gas caught up in their gastrointestinal tract. If it’s only happening occasionally, there’s usually no need to worry but when it’s happening excessively, then this could be a sign of an underlying issue. You’ll want to bring any excessive gas to your vet’s attention as soon as you’re able. 

    Dog Burping: What Are The Causes?

    With aerophagia in dogs being the most common reason for dog burping, there are also many other reasons that can cause a dog to burp too…

    Aerophagia In Dogs Can Cause Burping

    Aerophagia in dogs is when a pup swallows an excessive amount of air which usually occurs through gulping down food or water. Dogs that scoff their food (usually those who are only fed once a day or eat around other animals that they may perceive as competition for food) are at a heightened risk of ingesting too much air when they swallow. This will cause burping after mealtimes. 

    Brachycephalic breeds (those with flat faces and short snouts like Pugs, Shih-Tzus, and Bulldogs) are more prone to aerophagia and trapped air, as they swallow air more easily due to the way their upper airways are constructed.

    Boston Terrier in park

    Dog Burping Can Be Brought On By Bloating (Gastric Torsion/ Gastric Dilation Volvulus)

    If air becomes trapped in your dog’s stomach, this can actually result in being fatal for your dog. If there’s enough air trapped, the stomach can twist and kill your dog - notably, this is more of a risk in dogs with deep chests. 

    If your dog has burped but remains/seems bloated, you need to get them to a vet as a matter of emergency - time is absolutely critical. Signs of bloating include anxious, agitated behavior (attempting to be sick or pacing), difficulty breathing, dribbling, and/or a distended (large) stomach

    Dog Burping Can Be Caused By Acid Reflux

    What Causes Acid Reflux In Dogs?

    Acid reflux, just like in humans, can be chronic or occasional. But, what causes acid reflux in dogs? Acid reflux in dogs occurs when some stomach acid or digestive enzymes creep up into the esophagus (gullet). Because of acid reflux, a dog may burp or in some cases gag. If this happens frequently, it’s always worth discussing with your vet.

    Dog Burping Can Be Caused By Excessive Bacteria Fermentation

    There are certain foods that dogs have a harder time digesting than humans. These include lactose (so, dairy products), peas, beans, some spices, soy, fatty foods, pectin, and out-of-date food. Try to avoid giving these foods to your dog as they can cause them to burp and fart.

    Dog Burping Can Be Caused By Gastrointestinal Disease

    When a dog has abnormal digestion or absorption of food, this means the food that hasn’t been digested can remain stagnant in their GI tract. This can cause gastrointestinal disease, and the foods that haven’t been digested (as they ferment in the gut) can cause wind and burping. 

    If you suspect this may be the case for your dogs burping, get them checked out by the vet. Gastrointestinal diseases include irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), bacterial overgrowth, internal parasites (worms), cancer, and more.

    boxer dog

    Dog Burping Can Be Caused By A Change In Their Diet

    Sudden changes in a dog’s diet can lead to excess gas. You should always change what you feed your dog slowly and gradually. Check out our blog on How To Switch Your Dog’s Food here, to avoid gastrointestinal upset. 

    Dogs that like to rummage through the trash and eat things they shouldn’t can also cause themselves to burp and fart. 

    How Do I Prevent My Dog From Burping?

    There are several things you can do to help your dog with their excess gas, as well as getting them looked over by the vet. You can try:

    • Specifically designed feeders that reduce scoffing/fast eating
    • Changing their diet to a more digestible feed
    • Lowering the fat in their diet, and upping their fiber
    • Avoiding giving them dairy, soy, and beans
    • Feeding them multiple small meals throughout the day instead of one or two big ones
    • If you’re a pet parent to more than one pup, you can feed your dogs separately to reduce any feelings of competition

    If you're concerned with how often your dog is burping, make an appointment at the vet to discuss what to do.

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