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The 'Master' Vitamin Every Dog Owner Needs To Know About!

April 16, 2019 | 3 min read

Updated April 16, 2019

By Becca Trigg

Published: April 16, 2019
Updated: August 11, 2022

Summary: We know Vitamin C is great for humans, but is Vitamin C good for dogs too? Can dogs have Vitamin C? Learn about all the benefits Vitamin C can have on your dog and how to make sure they're getting it in this blog...


You might not know this, but your pooch needs vitamins just as much as us humans do. We all need a little extra boost sometimes, just to keep our bodies healthy and running smoothly. Dogs, however, can naturally produce a lot of vitamins within their bodies themselves. But, even though this is the case, sometimes external factors can have a negative effect on your pet and their natural ability to produce these needed vitamins.

That’s where you, the doggy parent, come to the rescue! It’s time you knew about the super vitamin that can help your dog in more ways than one!

Here at PetLab Co., we want you to know how important Vitamin C for dogs and their health and wellbeing is! Introducing this vitamin to your dog will not only help them live a healthy, long life, but it will support your dog in coping with times of sudden stress, illness, or change.

Take a look below to discover the main reasons why you need to consider adding Vitamin C into your dog's routine and why Vitamin C for dogs is so essential...

What Are The Benefits Of Vitamin C For Dogs?

A white poodle cross-breed sits on a blue and white stripey couch with their paws facing forward, placed together

Did you know that if your dog’s health is under stress, their bodies will naturally lower the production of Vitamin C? And, when your dog is experiencing emotional and physical stress, these negative factors can deplete Vitamin C supplies, too? Some studies have concluded that a dog with a fever or one that regularly exerts themselves, will have a low, or even non-existent, Vitamin C level.

It’s during these vulnerable times that your fluffy friend will need the extra support from vitamins to help give them the boost to stay healthy and happy.

Vitamin C Can Support Joint Health

Your dog’s joints are very important, not only for their mobility but also for their overall wellbeing. A dog that is in a lot of discomfort isn’t a happy dog at all. So, it’s extremely important to keep your dog’s joints healthy. Luckily, Vitamin C helps to maintain the health and production of collagen – a protein that is the essential building block of joint cartilage.

Vitamin C Provides Antioxidants

Antioxidants – we know they are good for us, and provide an abundance of health benefits, but did you know that they can be extremely beneficial to your dog’s health, too?! And – you guessed it – you can find antioxidants in Vitamin C. This clever vitamin can work as both an oxygen interceptor and a barrier for free radicals (toxic by-products of oxygen that can harm cells and tissue).

Vitamin C Can Boost The Immune System

A golden retriever rolls on their back

Your pooch’s immune system is extremely important when it comes to their health - obviously. Just the same as us. If your dog’s immune system is weak, a simple walk around the park or a trip to the kennels could leave your pooch exposed to a lot of issues. This is where vitamin C can benefit your dog’s immune system...

So, Is Vitamin C Good For Dogs?

It’s amazing that something so simple can benefit your dog’s health and wellbeing in such a huge way. Including Vitamin C in your dog's routine can not only work as an antioxidant, but may promote a healthy immune system, too.

As their puppy parent, you need to make sure you’re doing all that you can to help keep your dog as healthy as possible. If you're unsure about how you can get Vitamin C into your dog's daily routine, look to dog-specific supplements made by a reputable, ethical pet brand or have a chat with your vet.


Author Griswold, Bob and Kerns, Nancy "Benefits Of Vitamin C To Your Dog" Whole Dog Journal, Jun 20. 2019

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Becca Trigg

Authored By

Becca Trigg

An all round animal lover, who absolutely adores writing and researching anything puppy! Over the past few years, I have been able to gain ample pet knowledge; specifically joint health and dental hygiene. When I'm not typing away in the office, I can be found sitting in a country pub or growing chillies




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