GLM: What Is It & Why Is It So Good For Your Dog’s Joints?

  Summary:  In this blog, we learn all about green-lipped mussels for dogs. We’ll learn what they are, where they come from, and how green-lipped mussels for dogs can help transform your dog’s health and life!   As a puppy parent, you’re more than likely very aware of the difficulties many dogs have when it […]

Oct 19, 2023·6 min read
GLM: What Is It & Why Is It So Good For Your Dog’s Joints?


Summary:  In this blog, we learn all about green-lipped mussels for dogs. We’ll learn what they are, where they come from, and how green-lipped mussels for dogs can help transform your dog’s health and life!


As a puppy parent, you’re more than likely very aware of the difficulties many dogs have when it comes to their joint health. Just like us humans, dogs can deal with joint discomfort, with 1 in 5 dogs in America experiencing joint problems in their lives – and the likelihood increases the older they get.

It may shock you to know that when your dog reaches the age of 7, their chances of dealing with joint difficulties leaps to 65%, with many finding it hard to do normal daily activities.

So, finding ways to support your dog’s joint health is key as their puppy parent. You need to know the multifactorial causes and the warning signs. It also helps to know a lot about the breed of your pup, as many can be prone to joint discomfort more so than others. For example, Labradors are more prone to hip and joint difficulties, so it is important to support this potential difficulty from an early age. 

Here at PetLab Co., we always want to make sure that we’re giving all you doggy lovers out there as much knowledge as possible to help keep your pooch healthy and strong, which is why we wanted to tell you all about this amazing crustacean that is the KEY to supporting your dog’s joint health… Green-lipped mussel for dogs!

What Are Green-Lipped Mussels?

a cluster of green lipped mussels in blue sea underwater

If you haven’t heard of Green-Lipped Mussels (GLM) before – they’re exactly what they say they are. A breed of mussel that sport a striking green edge to their shell. These unique mollusks have some pretty amazing qualities that have been hiding for centuries.

This species of mussel is one of the largest and is native to New Zealand – believed to be the only place you can find them in the wild. Their name is giving to them due to the green hue around the edge of their shell – or their “lips”. New Zealand natives, Maoris, have been utilizing the health benefits these wonderful sea creatures give for years, but now more and more people are learning and understanding the amazing properties these mollusks can give – for both humans and dogs.

What Are The Green-Lipped Mussel Benefits For Dogs?

a white hand holds a cluster of green lipped mussels

When these mussels are harvested in prime condition, they’re an extremely rich source of omega fatty acids and important, beneficial minerals. These incredible qualities are not found in any other marine or plant life, which is why the GLM is so special when it comes to supporting and targeting joint discomfort and everyday stiffness.

Studies have shown that the GLM has been used to support healthy joints, however, their most impressive property is the high levels of chondroitin and glucosamine – meaning they contain inflammatory balancing properties. So, unless your dog has an allergy to shellfish, these crustaceans have no known negative side effects.

Along with its inflammatory balancing properties, GLM can;

  • Support the circulatory system
  • Promote a healthy immune system
  • Strengthen bones
  • Support teeth health and strength

Not only can this superfood do wonders for your pup’s joints, but it can also give vital support to many other important systems in the body – maintaining their overall health. With such a high content of Omega-3 fatty acids, the natural fish oil contains inflammatory balancing properties which could be a huge contributing factor to your pup’s joint discomfort and mobility difficulties.

Green-Lipped Mussel For Dogs

Once we found out the incredible qualities of these marvelous sea creatures, we knew we needed to make them available and accessible – getting these benefits into our pups. As these special shellfish are used for both human and canine medicine, you can quite easily get your hands on them in a capsule form – but this won’t be very helpful when it comes to your furry friend.

So, it’s time to boost the green-lipped mussel in your doggy’s diet! Look for supplements that utilize the GLM benefits, like glucosamine and fish oils!  Supplementing will not only will they help with their overall health, but it means that you have complete control over the dosage and how you want to feed it to your pup.

Black Vs Green Mussels 

When it comes to black vs green mussels, there are small but important differences between the two. Firstly, green-lipped mussels are larger and typically meatier and they are less tangy in taste when compared to black mussels. 

In addition, GLM are native to and farmed exclusively in New Zealand and thus subject to very strict regulation. The water quality has to be extremely high due to how green-lipped mussels feed and New Zealand’s quality control is notoriously thorough. This does mean that green-lipped mussels are more expensive to buy. 

Black mussels can be obtained from many countries and therefore are more common. They are usually stronger in flavor and arguably easier to chew, but black mussels are farmed naturally so there’s no guarantee of quality like there is with GLM. When it came to black vs green mussels, GLM was the obvious choice to include in our formulas here at PetLab Co. 

Green-Lipped Mussel For Dogs

So, whether you’ve heard of green-lipped mussel for dogs before or not, you now know a little more about their incredible inflammatory balancing properties – wonderful support for your fur baby’s joint health.

We know how difficult and overwhelming it can be when you’re trying to make important health decisions for your pup – but that’s where we come to the rescue. Introducing GLM to your pup’s daily routine can not only support their joints but can also give them important support to other functions of their body and overall health.


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