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    Can Dogs Eat Olives?

    April 28, 2023 | 3 min read

    Updated April 28, 2023


    Published: April 28, 2023

    Summary: Can dogs have olives?” Learn whether dogs can eat olives – from black olives to green – and whether they are good or bad for them below... 


    Read our blog “Is Olive Oil Good for Dogs?” here.  

    Can Dogs Eat Olives? 

    In moderation, yes a dog can eat an olive or two! However, they must be plain; unsalted, and unseasoned, not marinated or stuffed, and should be pitted.  

    As with all human foods, too many plain olives can mean unnecessary calories for your dog and if fed too regularly alongside their main, regular meals may lead to problematic weight gain. The occasional olive should be considered a treat 

    It’s important the pits are removed from the olives too, as these pose a choking hazard for dogs – particularly smaller breeds that have smaller airways. If swallowed, they can go on to cause further blockages in the gastrointestinal tract too. They can also damage your pup’s teeth. 

    Can Dogs Eat Black Olives? 

    Yes, as long as they’re pitted, non-marinated, not stuffed, and unseasoned.  

    three small off-white bowls with dark gray rims hold three large green, unpitted olives


    Can Dogs Eat Green Olives? 

    Black and green olives are the same; they’ve just been harvested at different times. So, yes, as long as they’re pitted, non-marinated, not stuffed, and unseasoned, it’s also OK for your dog to nibble on a plain, green olive or two! 

    Are Olives Good For Dogs? 

    While a dog doesn’t need to ever eat olives, we know those puppy dog eyes can be hard to resist on occasion! A couple of pitted, plain olives here and there shouldn’t cause an issue for your dog. Olives contain an abundance of Vitamin E too, which can be considered beneficial for your dog.  

    However, if they’re canned, pickled, stuffed, or marinated in oils and seasonings, then you may be facing other unwanted health issues. Things like garlic and excessive amounts of sodium – which these marinades often contain – can lead to dehydration and toxicity which can all be incredibly detrimental to your dog.  

    If your dog ingests a large number of plain olives, they may experience gastrointestinal distress (e.g. diarrhea and vomiting). If your dog ingests a large amount of seasoned, stuffed, or un-pitted olives, you should contact your vet and this circumstance may prove dangerous for your dog. 

    If you’re unsure about whether you can feed your dog certain food items, always consult with your vet. You may decide it best to stick to feeding your dog certified safe and beneficial food items like green beans and chopped carrots instead.  


    Author Burke, Anna “Can Dogs Eat Olives?” American Kennel Club, Aug 30. 2022  

    Author Dr. Miller, Andrew MRCVS “Can Dogs Eat Olives?” Pure Pet Food, Dec. 14 2022  

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