Can Dogs Have Corn?

In this blog, we’ll learn whether dogs can have corn. We’ll discover if dogs can eat corn, whether it’s safe for them to eat corn cobs and if there are any health benefits in feeding your dog corn too…

Oct 04, 2023·4 min read
Can Dogs Have Corn?

Can Dogs Eat Corn?

Yes, your dog can enjoy sweet, succulent yellow corn in moderation, and as long as it is cooked, plain, and unseasoned – that includes corn with butter! Corn is also considered to have nutritional benefits for your dog too as it contains fiber, protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, linoleic acid, and antioxidants – all of which are good for dogs. 

Can Dogs Eat Corn Cobs?

Under no circumstance should a dog be given a cob of corn. They are a high-risk choking hazard and a dog’s body cannot process or break down the cob. Ingesting a corn cob for a dog can be very serious indeed and as well as causing a blockage or intestinal damage, can cause your dog to become dehydrated, repeatedly vomit, experience diarrhea, produce black/tar-like stool, experience intense abdominal discomfort and/or become very lethargic. If you suspect or know, they have ingested a corn cob, they must be seen by a veterinarian as a matter of emergency.

Close up image of cooked cobs of corn, with droplets of melted butter.

Is Corn Good For Dogs?

Corn can nutritionally benefit your dog, yes.

You can feed your dog canned or frozen sweetcorn as long as it is cooked and unseasoned. Most canned sweetcorn has added salt, and also canned vegetables typically have a lower nutritional value so frozen is usually best. If you’re feeding your dog corn from a cob that’s been on a BBQ, again make sure it hasn’t been covered in seasoning, oil, or butter for cooking. Ultimately, plain sweetcorn that has been prepared by boiling, steaming, or baking will serve your dog better.

Baby sweetcorn is an immature version of corn-on-the-cob, and even though the cob is certainly easier to digest, it’s probably not worth the risk of giving it to your dog.

Always take it slowly when introducing any new food to your dog to avoid upsetting their stomach – particularly with puppies. Feed a very small amount of cooked, unseasoned corn per day before considering continuing to feed low quantities of corn to your dog. You can give it to them as a treat or as a small, sprinkled topper on their food. As with humans, all dogs will react differently to different foods so always be mindful of this when trying them on new foods, snacks, and treats regardless of whether they’re deemed safe.

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

Plain, air-popped popcorn that is unsweetened and unbuttered can make a good, relatively healthy treat in moderation for dogs. It’s high in fiber but additionally high in energy, so too much popcorn can mean their calorie intake may become too high and lead to unnecessary weight gain.

However, small pieces of popped, plain popcorn can be a nice reward for your dog. Just make sure your pup doesn’t get hold of any un-popped kernels as these aren’t digestible for dogs. In addition, be mindful that popcorn can get stuck in between their teeth, so do check their mouth after eating to help them avoid any potential discomfort. A dog’s teeth should be brushed regularly regardless to preserve their oral health.

There are some foods you should absolutely avoid feeding your dog. Find an extensive list below of food known to be toxic to dogs which you should make sure they don’t ever get their paws on:

a blue and white infographic detailing which foods are known to be toxic to dogs


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