Head Shaking In Dogs: What Does It Mean?

Discover why your dog is head shaking. Learn what could be causing your dog to shake their head, and what you can do to help…

Nov 28, 2023·5 min read
Head Shaking In Dogs: What Does It Mean?

If you spot your dog head shaking more than usual, they could benefit from some gut support – something that can also encourage healthy yeast levels…

This is particularly common during the summer months and can leave your pup in a lot of discomforts if ignored… 

When you know what to look out for, the signs of occasional yeast overgrowth are clear to see. But what virtually every owner in America today is unaware of, is where yeast overgrowth originates from.

And that’s a huge problem because without addressing its root cause, bouts of yeast overgrowth can become a common feature of a dog’s life.

Now, as surprising as it may seem, the yeast that can cause endless itchiness could actually stem from your dog’s gut.

See when a dog’s gut becomes overwhelmed with yeast and bacteria, it can cause discomfort to their paws, ears, and skin.

Itchy, smelly ears can lead to furious head-shaking and scratching. Tingling, yeasty paws leave dogs no option but to lick and bite in a desperate attempt for relief. And smooth, silky coats can soon give way to dry skin and flaking.

Let’s be honest, our dogs deserve far, far better. The thing is, the power is within our hands to help them, thanks to a remarkable Probiotic Chew. And, it could be the key to your pup’s future health, comfort, and happiness too.

What Can Probiotics Do To Help?

Probiotic chews help balance the natural bacteria in your dog’s gut.

As we’ve established, many forms of discomfort are a reaction to bacterial imbalance deep down in their gut. And if the ’bad bacteria’ is left unattended, it can spread around… 

Recent studies[1] show a dog’s gut makeup and balance of bacteria can impact its immune system.

Fortunately, probiotic chews are filled with 3 billion “units” of good bacteria! This good bacteria enters a dog’s stomach and supports a healthy overall bacteria makeup in their digestive system.

It can help with seasonal allergies…

Seasonal allergies can fast turn a pup from fun, bright, and peppy to itchy, stressed, and uncomfortable.

Maybe you’ve tried countless ways to address your dog’s seasonal allergies, only for them to return…

However, the real reason you’ve never managed to ensure long-lasting comfort for your pup is that you’ve likely never focused on the root cause of their seasonal allergies.

And as surprising as it might seem, seasonal allergies often originate from poor gut health. Now, you already know gut health can impact a dog’s immune system…

And that’s just another reason why probiotic chews are so great. By helping support your dog’s healthy gut bacteria, they can assist a healthy immune system…

And that’s the real key to weathering seasonal or occasional allergies!

It can help with their mood and anxiousness…

Dogs get environmental stress just like us humans and stress levels can seriously affect their mental well-being. Especially if they’re part of big families that are loud, own multiple pets, and put them in kennels when traveling.

This stress can affect the digestive tract and impact their mood – and if your dog is challenged by occasional stress due to traveling or environmental changes, or perhaps events like fireworks, then studies2 have shown that…

Probiotics could help a great deal.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) also recommends giving your dog probiotic supplements a few days before you know they’re about to go through something potentially stressful3. For example, around fireworks, moving, or seeing the vet.

Plus, some dogs get stressed easier than others. If that’s the case for your pooch, then a daily dose of probiotics will help support everyday situations like going on car rides or being left alone while you’re at work.

Final Thoughts

In light of these incredible results, it’s important to note that these probiotics aren’t a magic pill to cure infections or serious skin problems. If this is the case for your dog then it’s likely they need to see a vet.

That said, if you’re looking to create the ideal gut environment to support and maintain healthy skin and overall wellness of your pup-this probiotic supplement chew is a MUST.


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