Do Dogs Cry?

Do dogs cry tears when sad? In this blog, learn whether dogs can cry tears, if dogs cry due to emotions, and more about crying dogs…

Nov 27, 2023·2 min read
Do Dogs Cry?

Can Dogs Cry?

As all pet parents know, dogs certainly feel and express emotions. They are actually extremely emotional animals! But, do dogs cry when sad like we humans do? Do they express emotions like grief and upset in the same way? 

Well, we can answer that question… No, dogs do not express tears because of their emotions. In fact, humans are the only creatures on the planet that are known to do so!

Dogs typically vocalize when they are experiencing distress, (or if they need to ask you for something!) or some dogs will hide their face or stop eating when they’re unhappy. But, a dog crying tears is usually indicative of a physical problem with their eyes rather than an emotional issue…

Dog Crying

Dogs do have tear ducts, to help keep the eyes moist and clean, as the tears expressed will help remove dust and dirt. But, if your dog’s eyes are particularly watery or your dog appears to have been “crying”, this may be because:

  • They’re experiencing an infection like conjunctivitis
  • Their tear duct is blocked (epiphora)
  • Their eye is damaged in some way
  • They’ve developed a corneal ulcer
  • They have a condition called Entropion which is where the eyelids roll inwards (usually seen more in English Bulldogs, Boxers, and Pugs)
  • There’s dirt or dust in their eye

If you have concerns about your dog’s eye health, you should schedule an appointment with your vet. If your dog’s eyes are expressing colored (green, yellow or white) discharge which is thick, they should see a vet urgently. The same goes if your dog’s eyes are swollen or red, your dog is squinting or if they are blinking a lot. 


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