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What Is MSM & Does Your Dog Need It?
What Is MSM & Does Your Dog Need It?

MSM For Dogs

Knowing what is right for your dog is paramount as a puppy parent. Our four-legged friends can’t tell us what they need, so we must be informed to the best of our ability to be able to care for our dogs as best as we can. But sometimes, that is easier said than done…

From overfeeding to under-grooming, there any many mistakes me can make when we own a dog, which can result in health issues later in life. Arthritis is a huge complication most elderly dogs face; causing pain, stress, and discomfort for both you and your pup. That is why it is wise to change a few habits now and introduce a couple of beneficial extras to your pup’s daily routine…The sooner the better!

Some cases of arthritis are preventable, although others may be due to breed or genetics, it is your job to help prevent the savage attack of arthritis on your pup and try to keep their joints strong and healthy. The answer is simple – Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane… Or, more commonly known as MSM.

MSM For Dogs: What Is MSM?

Okay, so now it is time to get a bit technical…MSM is an organic form of sulfur. In the ocean, there are microscopic phytoplankton and when these organisms die, they decompose and release a gas DMS (dimethylsulfide). Mix the DMS with a little bit of oxygen and sunlight and you’re left with compounds called DMSO, MSM and other common sulfates. These chemicals are absorbed into the water droplets found within the atmosphere, which will later form into clouds. Eventually, these clouds will release the water - with the DMSO and MSM – as rain, spreading these compounds over the earth, feeding plant life and lots returning to the sea.

MSM will settle in the soil, growing with plants; fruits, nuts and vegetables and has also been found to occur in cow’s milk, meat and different types of seafood [1]. MSM has incredible natural benefits for your pup’s health, not only can it help support their joints and strength, but it has been known to act as an antioxidant and improve resistance to allergies.

MSM For Dogs: How Does MSM Help?

MSM is essential for supporting and maintaining the production of healthy cells, including body tissue and joints. MSM's unique beneficial behaviors are incredible when it comes to supporting our pup’s health and wellbeing. MSM can decrease the pressure inside a cell and help create permeable walls, allowing water and nutrients to flow in and force toxins out. This will help rejuvenate the cells within the body, maintaining good health.

Take a look at some of the other ways MSM can help support your dog’s health…some of them may surprise you!

MSM For Dogs: It's An Antioxidant

As MSM has a natural ability to flush toxins and clean bloodstream, it is considered quite an important antioxidant. The chemical will attack any free radicals or foreign proteins that may cause problems for your pooch, leaving behind health and stronger cells.

Free radicals can attack your dog when they’re physically or mentally stressed, undernourished or contamination from food and water – a pretty scary thought, right? But knowing that your pup has a boost of MSM will help combat these threats, leaving your pup with the tools and strength to fight back.  

MSM For Dogs: It's A Joint Healer

Unfortunately, many dogs suffer daily from joint pain and illnesses such as arthritis and osteoporosis. Once your pup reaches the age of 7, their chances of developing a joint condition rise to 65% [2]. Finding ways to stop joint difficulties and pain is important, not only for your dog’s comfort but for their quality of life.

Most of your pup’s natural sulfur will be stored in their skin, fur, bones, and muscles, so when they have a high volume of MSM in their system, this can help support the health and function of all these parts of your pup. When your pup is suffering from joint pain, the rigid fibers swell and become inflamed, resulting in discomfort…this is where MSM comes to the rescue. With its natural properties and powers to reduce pressure within cells, it will reduce pain in the restricted areas, helping your pup to strengthen mobility and ease the pain.  

MSM For Dogs: It Can Help With Allergies

If your pup suffers from allergies, you know how uncomfortable and stressful it can make them. Whether induced by food or environmental factors, MSM could be the answer. With the ability to bind to the mucus and act as a natural block between your pooch and the allergens, MSM can help stop the negative results from the reaction.

MSM For Dogs: It Can Help Prevent Neurological Diseases

Just like us humans, your pup’s brain is vulnerable and sensitive to the negative effects of toxic materials; heavy metals and different organic compounds. Lots of these aggressive compounds can accumulate within your pup’s nerve cells, causing severe damage – like neurological illness.

As MSM acts as an antioxidant, it can help the movement of blood to the brain, preventing and repairing any damage that may be occurring. The restored cells within the membrane will be elastic and permeable, allowing the nerve cells to release any waste and harmful chemicals.  

MSM For Dogs: Is Your Pup Getting Enough MSM?

Making sure your pup is getting the right amount of MSM into their body is simple. The dosage is dependent on the size of your dog, with the recommendation being 50 to 100 mg of MSM per 10 pounds of body weight.

Your dog’s body will naturally create this chemical, but it can be depleted quickly as they age, so topping up with a dog specific supplement that contains MSM can be a simple and effective alternative to keeping your pup healthy. With a correct amount of MSM in their system, it can then support any pain due to joint illness’ such as arthritis.

Final Thoughts On MSM For Dogs

Having a poorly pup can be difficult, especially if you feel that you’re unable to look after them suitably. It is your responsibility to try and know how to support your pup correctly, including looking after their joint health.

MSM is safe and levels of toxicity are the same as water, meaning they are very little. Adding a few supplements or chews to your dog’s diet will do wonders for them, helping you feel confident that you’re supporting your dog to the best of your ability and being the best fur baby parent you can!


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