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    How To Boost A Dog’s Immune System

    How To Boost A Dog’s Immune System

    by Health / 3 min read

    Dog Immune Support Supplement - Do They Need Them?


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    Summary: In this blog, we discuss immune support for dogs. We’ll discover what can boost a dog’s immune system, why they may need additional support, and where to find immune support for dogs…


    Dog Immune System: Why’s It Important?

    Just like our immune system, if our pup’s isn’t functioning properly, it can leave them vulnerable to disease, infections, illnesses, and conditions. A healthy immune system fights off bacteria, viruses, and parasites and prevents anything threatening to advance and take over the body.

    Keeping the immune system in tip-top condition can do wonders for our dog’s health and happiness and that’s an opinion shared amongst nearly all scientific and veterinarian experts. If your dog frequently experiences serious allergic reactions, illnesses, or infections, as well as the recommended medication required to defeat those specific ailments, their immune system may need a little boosting too…

    So, what’s the best immune support for dogs?

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    How To Boost The Dog Immune System

    A Good, Balanced Diet

    Your dog’s gut makes up 70% of their immune system and plays host to the microbiome. This is where tons of beneficial bacteria collect and work to keep the digestive tract and immune system running efficiently and effectively. The health of this system relies heavily on diet quality. 

    Dogs are typically thought to do better on meat-based diets that are rich in moisture, and low in starch - the latter of which is found in a lot of commercial kibbles. You can also help your dog by making sure their fiber levels are high by adding a handful of small pieces of cucumber, chopped carrots or cooked sweet potato to their bowl every so often throughout the week. Or, alternatively, you can supply a piece of carrot or cucumber as a substitute for a traditional treat. 

    If you’re unsure what the right diet is for your dog, chat to your vet. It’s what they’re there for!

    The Right Amount Of Exercise

    Keeping your dog’s fitness levels in good stead is a great and easy way of enhancing their immune system’s health. When a dog is overweight, their body can release inflammation-heightening hormones which can negatively impact the immune system and other organs, and it puts unnecessary stress on their skeleton too. 

    Different dogs need different amounts of exercise. Check out our guide below, and if you’re still unsure how much your pooch needs, ask your vet!

    Petlab Co. Pro Tip: Remember, exercise and stimulation doesn’t just stop at walking! Ball-throwing, scent work, and trick learning as well as other games can count toward activity levels and contribute to keeping your dog fit and well. 

    Dog Immune Support Supplement

    If you’re concerned about your dog’s immune system health, you may be searching around for a supplement that targets immune support for dogs. You should focus on optimizing their diet first and making sure they’re at a good weight. Then you can consider supplementing alongside these two things once they have been established, as further support may not be essential. 

    However, if your dog is a healthy weight, being regularly and correctly exercised, and is receiving a balanced diet then you may wish to consider supplementing with dog-specific probiotics. 

    Probiotics fuel the good bacteria in the gut, which (as we learned earlier) makes up 70% of a dog’s immune system. Making sure the microbiome is getting the support it needs can directly contribute to the healthy functioning of a pup’s immune system. Just make sure you’re giving Fido a probiotics supplement that’s made for dogs and not one designed for humans – we’re different creatures and our guts need different variations of probiotic bacteria.

    Two black dogs in long grass

    Omega-3 is also a great supplement to consider as it tempers the body’s inflammatory responses, as well as Turmeric Curcumin which is also a natural anti-inflammatory, as well as a host to anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties which can only support a dog’s immune system.

    Always source your dog immune support supplements from reputable, transparent brands (like us!) that source and research their ingredients thoroughly and properly. 

    Consider Doggy Massage 

    Reducing a dog’s stress levels can do wonders for their immune system (and ours!). Calmly and slowly petting or treating your pooch to a gentle, relaxing doggy massage can be soothing for both of you as well as help contribute to the enhancement of their immune system’s functioning. 

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