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    Are Peaches Good For Dogs?

    Are Peaches Good For Dogs?

    by Health / 3 min read


    Estimated Read Time: 2 ½ minutes 

    Summary: “Can dogs have peaches?” In this article, we’ll learn whether peaches are safe for dogs, whether dogs can eat canned peaches, and discover if peach pits are toxic to dogs... 


    Can Dogs Have Peaches? 

    Yes – you can share fresh peaches with your dog, but only if they’re prepared correctly; washed, chopped, and without the stem, leaves, and stone/pit.

    Are Peach Pits Toxic To Dogs? 

    Peach pits, peach stems, and leaves contain trace amounts of cyanide – cyanide is toxic to dogs. Peach pits also pose a high choke hazard. If the stone is swallowed, it can cause a blockage in the throat causing your dog to choke or block/damage the esophagus and intestines. This may require surgery to remove or fix.  

    Are Peaches Good For Dogs? 

    This popular, juicy, summer fruit is loaded with vitamins C, A, and antioxidants. They’re also a great source of fiber so yes, peaches can be considered good for dogs. But, they’re also fairly high in sugar which isn’t dog appropriate.  

    High levels of sugar can cause canine diabetes and unwanted weight gain, so you should only give your dog very small amounts of peach. If your dog is already overweight, obese, or has been diagnosed with diabetes it is best to avoid sharing peaches with them.  

    An extreme close-up of three peaches. The middle peach is cut in half, exposing the pit and flesh.

    Make sure to wash the fruit first to remove it from any lingering pesticides, and remove the pit, stem, and leaves. Then slice the peach into smaller, bitesize chunks and feed one to your dog. Wait for 24 hours to make sure their body isn’t intolerant to peach before feeding them anymore. 

    Too much peach can lead to a gastrointestinal upset in our furry friends including diarrhea and vomiting. So, only share peach with your pup as a small treat!

    Can Dogs Eat Canned Peaches? 

    No. Dogs should not be fed canned peaches. Canned fruits are typically preserved with syrups that are incredibly high in sugar, preservatives and/or artificial sweeteners which can be dangerous for a dog to eat.  

    Can Dogs Eat Peach Yogurt? 

    No. Dogs should only be fed natural yogurt that doesn’t contain artificial flavorings or sweeteners which most flavored yogurt does. Yogurt should only be fed to dogs as a treat, as most dogs are lactose intolerant! 


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    Author Reisen, Jan “Can Dogs Eat Peaches?” American Kennel Club, Aug 29. 2021  

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