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    Do Dogs Get Headaches?

    Do Dogs Get Headaches?

    by Health / 3 min read


    Published: April 2, 2023

    Summary: If you’ve ever wondered “can dogs get headaches?”, in this blog, we’ll learn all about whether dogs do experience headaches or not... 


    As humans, we all know what a headache feels like. But can our canine friends also experience headaches?  

    Do Dogs Get Headaches? 

    It’s thought that dogs can develop and do experience headaches, but there is limited research on headaches in dogs, and they are very hard to concretely diagnose as they don’t tend to have obvious or unique symptoms.  

    It doesn’t help that dogs are non-verbal creatures – that said, it would be pretty impossible to know a human has a headache without them directly communicating they are experiencing one! 

    If a dog has a headache, they may appear to be: 

    • Lethargic (they may be napping more frequently) 
    • Unresponsive 
    • In pain when their head or neck is touched 
    • Having trouble staying still 
    • Nauseous  
    • Sensitive to bright lights (they may recoil from them or close their eyes when exposed) 
    • Sensitive to strong odors 
    • Uninterested in playing or moving 
    • Disinterested in food 
    • Shaking 
    • Carrying their head low 
    • Pressing their head 

    PetLab Co. Pro Tip: Witnessing a dog press their head against a wall calls for immediate veterinary attention, as this is a common sign of numerous very serious issues, such as brain disease or even toxic poisoning. If this is the case, taking your dog to an emergency vet is essential. 

    a red and white Spaniel sleeps on their front on wooden decking in the sun


    It’s worth noting that all of these behaviors above don’t necessarily indicate a headache as they can often represent other health or wellbeing concerns in canines. The signs of a headache in a canine may more probably indicate ear or sinus issues or dental problems.  

    Dogs are excellent maskers of pain, so it is rare for them to exhibit physical discomfort unless it’s completely unavoidable for them. If you are worried about your dog in any way, or they start to show any signs of not feeling themselves, you should always contact a professional veterinarian and have them looked over.  


    Author Maharaj, Nandini “Do Dogs Get Headaches?” American Kennel Club, Dec 09. 2022  

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