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    Can Dogs Eat Cranberries?

    Can Dogs Eat Cranberries?

    by Health / 3 min read

    What Are The Benefits of Cranberries For Dogs?


    Estimated Read Time: 5 minutes

    Summary: In this blog, we look into if cranberries are safe for dogs, the benefits of feeding your dog cranberries, and what makes them the perfect addition to your pup's diet.


    Dogs are not known for being fussy eaters! From eggshells to poop from other animals, our pups will try to consume pretty much anything they can get their paws on - but not all of it is good for them. 

    As puppy parents, we want to always make sure we’re giving our pups food that will benefit them and keep them healthy - rather than an emergency trip to the vets! And, just because something is good for us, it might not be suitable for your pooch…

    Well, turns out there might be a small, red, tangy berry that might benefit your dog’s health in more ways than one…

    Can Dogs Eat Cranberries?

    Now, we already know that our dogs can eat certain human foods - but when they do, it should only ever been in moderation and in small quantities. Thankfully, cranberries have made it onto the list of delicious fruits you can spoil your pup with!

    Unlike grapes and raisins, you can give your dog cranberries in most ways they come; raw, cooked, or dried (avoid cranberry juice and cranberry sauce), and they are packed with health-beneficial minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. Rich in antioxidant properties, each tiny cranberry can help support your pup’s immune system, combat inflammation, and even help cognitive functions, skin problems, and fight plaque and tartar buildup - they really are a wonder fruit!

    Benefits Of Cranberries For Dogs

    Chocolate lab eating cranberry

    These little acidic berries can be a delicious, immune system boosting treat for your pup, as they’re small yet packed full of beneficial nutrients and vitamins - that’s why they’re so popular with us humans…

    Vitamins & Minerals

    Now, some dogs may lack vital nutrients from vitamins and minerals due to their store-bought food, which, most of the time, is made up of fillers and grains. This is where cranberries come to the rescue. These berries are bursting with vitamins and minerals, containing high levels of vitamin C. Not to mention their platter of other important vitamins and minerals; vitamin A, vitamin B, manganese, and potassium, which can;

    • Support the immune system 
    • Lower cholesterol levels
    • Help vision and ocular health
    • Boost bladder and urinary tract health 
    • Combat tartar and plaque build-up 
    • Fight harmful bacteria

    And, just to make these miracle fruits sound even better, they’re low in calories - so even in moderation, you know they will not fill your pup with unwanted and unhealthy calories.


    When it comes to your dog’s food, we all want to make sure that it’s going to support their health in one way or another, right? That’s what makes cranberries so good, as they’re a rich, natural antioxidant. 

    Antioxidants help the body by supporting the immune system - which is needed to fend off illnesses, disease, and free radicles. The stronger your dog’s immune system is, the easier they will find it to combat most illnesses - including infection and inflammation. Plus, the antioxidants found in these delicious berries can actually help calm allergies and support skin health.

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    Fiber; it’s a very important nutrient, and needed to help keep your pup’s (and your own) body working, particularly in digestive health, bowel movements, and gastrointestinal functions. Fiber can also offer a helping hand in lowering your dog’s risk of developing illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.


    Potassium can be found in all different kinds of foods, including cranberries, which offers many benefits to both humans and dogs alike. This powerhouse nutrient is considered an electrolyte, due to its ability to help keep healthy levels of important fluid within the body. Plus, the potassium found in cranberries can help;

    • Support bone density
    • Promote mussel growth
    • Maintain heart health and functions
    • Aid cardiac blood flow 
    • Boost metabolism and the absorption of vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients

    Can Cranberries Help With Dog UTIs?

    Cranberries on white background

    Cranberries, cranberry juice, and cranberry extract have long been used by humans to self-medicate when trying to soothe or avoid an uncomfortable urinary tract infection - but does it offer the same benefits for our dogs? 

    Using cranberries as a supplement to help avoid and treat a UTI is okay, as it can help support normal bladder health, but it is not a replacement for medication. As long as you give your dog cranberry alongside the medication prescribed by your veterinarian, it may help. However, always ask your vet first before you start giving cranberries to your dog with any treatment - it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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    When Are Cranberries Bad For Dogs?

    Now, although cranberries offer a plethora of health benefits, certain forms of cranberries can be dangerous for your pup. As said above, you should always avoid giving your dog cranberry juice or cranberry sauce. Both sauce and juice are packed full of sugars and other potentially harmful ingredients that could make your pup very poorly. 

    If you do decide to add cranberries to your dog’s diet, just remember to do so in moderation, as too much cranberry can give your pup an upset stomach!

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