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Joint Care Chews

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“I am very thankful to PetLab Co. for their joint chew. My Goldendoodle was hesitant whilst walking , but I am happy to say she turned 15 last week and is running and playing like she always did before!” 

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Cindie R.
FREE gift when you subscribe*

FREE gift when you subscribe*

FREE gift when you subscribe*
Quality ingredients

Quality ingredients

Quality ingredients
Optimal joint health

Optimal joint health

Optimal joint health

Vet Reviewed

“For excellent multi-modal joint support for pets, PetLab Co. is the brand I trust.” 

Dr. Roxana Bordbar, DVM,

Vet Consultant to PetLab Co.

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PetLab Co.’s mouthwatering, salmon-flavored Joint Care Chew is unlike anything you’ve tried for your dog’s joints before. It’s the only dog joint supplement in the world containing our proprietary joint-support complex; a unique blend containing the world’s first New Zealand green-lipped whole-mussel extract, MMP50™. Not to mention, each chew contains Curcugen®, a clinically studied, next-generation curcumin ingredient to help support a normal inflammatory response and help to support mobility & comfort. 

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    Support joint flexibility

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    Helps with occasional discomfort & stiffness

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    Provides support for an active lifestyle 

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    Maintains joint health throughout all stages of life 

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What Makes Our Joint Care Chews Unique?


Manufactured in the USA*

From premium-quality domestic and globally-sourced ingredients.


Extensive Research & Development

We’ve worked closely with experts to develop this science-backed formula.

cutting edge

Cutting Edge Formula

Contains our one-of-a-kind, joint-support ingredients to help support joint flexibility, strength and occasional discomfort and stiffness.

Enhanced Exercise Tolerance

Supporting flexibility and comfortable movement, to encourage exercise, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy weight and helping your dog live the happy life they deserve.

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With thousands of 5* reviews

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Packed With High Quality Ingredients


Glucosamine HCl (Shellfish)

450 mg

Glucosamine HCl has been shown to help maintain lubricated joints, to support with friction, and therefore target your dog’s occasional joint stiffness.

green lipped mussel

MMP-50™ (Green Lipped Mussel)

150 mg

Sourced directly from New Zealand, Green Lipped Mussels possess the ability to support a normal inflammatory response, helping with occasional joint discomfort, hip and joint flexibility, and providing comfort during everyday movement.

anchovy oil

Omega-3 (Anchovy Oil)

52.79 mg

A rich source of omega fatty acids, Anchovy Oil can help support your dog’s muscular strength and promote a normal inflammatory response.

calcium fructoborate

Calcium Fructoborate

35 mg

Calcium fructoborate can support with occasional joint and hip discomfort, and mobility while delivering a proper range of motion during activity.



25 mg

Curcugen® supports a normal inflammatory response, healthy bone and joint function and connective tissue health. Plus, it’s 39 times easier for your dog to absorb than Turmeric Curcumin alone.


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