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I’ve got a 12 year old springer spaniel called Poppy who is riddled with arthritis and for the last 4 months I’ve been using the Petlab Joint chews with her and having absolutely amazing results. By the time we got to week 4, she was running around like a dog half her age, constantly picking the ball up. Everytime I went to the back door she’s at the door, with a ball - “come on mum lets go and play.” And since then, just even more improvement, she just constantly constantly wants to be playing, it's just such a massive pleasure to see her in her bliss. She’s really really enjoying her life again which is absolutely fantastic!
Product: Joint Care Chews
Rachel R.
I have a fourteen year old dog Nicky and she was to the point where she wasn’t hardly walking, playing, she just laid around and slept all day. Then my husband came across the ad for the Petlab Co. Joint Care, and we love our dog and we were not ready to say goodbye to her, we were like “what the heck, let’s try it and see if this stuff works.” So we ordered it and got it in, and within a week we started seeing an improvement in her. She does so much better on this, she’s not in the pain she was, our animals don’t know how to tell us that they’re injured or don’t feel good and to see it, is proof. And we saw the proof so we do believe in this product.
Millie N.
Remi started on joint care about 3 and a half years ago, after his second TPCL surgery, which is like a knee replacement for a human. I decided to go on the Joint Care, I stopped the Adequan injections just to see what the difference was, and Remy was so much more mobile on this than on Adequan injections every two weeks. I would highly recommend Joint Care to anyone who has issues with their dogs mobility, it’s something that I will not stop and it's something we’ve actually started giving to our 3 and a half year old dog Nellie, who has a little ankle injury.
Jerica B.
My husband had found the Joint Chews through Petlab and ordered them without even telling me, because I’m pretty skeptical about things online. I started giving it to her under his advice, and within a week or two, we saw a huge improvement in her, she was walking much much better than she had. She was able to lift herself up, we were so happy with the results that we saw from these joint chews, and ever since she’s been taking them we have them autoshipped.
Dawn R.
I saw a video for the Joint Care on social media for Petlab Co. and this woman showed before and after videos of her German Shepherd and, the same behaviour as my labrador Husker - really stiff, limping, and then after using the Joint Care her dog was running and jumping and walking and getting up and getting down with no problems. So I thought: “well, let’s try it, it can’t hurt” - and it didn’t even take, it wasn’t even two weeks before I started to see a change in Husker. He would limp less. Before Joint Care, before we started, he would limp for a whole.
Lesley E.
A couple days into him taking the product, he started running again, he started putting weight on his legs, it has literally saved his quality of life, I couldn’t be any more thankful. The only thing he can’t do still is jump up to high places, so if that’s the worst thing, I think we can handle it! Thank you so much Petlab, this has been such an amazing product and I can’t praise you enough.
Shalinda G.
I just wanna give a shout out to the Petlab, this is Captain Caveman, we call him Cavey. And Cavey had some mobility issues when we rescued him from the shelter, and thanks to Petlab, Cavey is able to run, jump, and live his life to the fullest, so thank you Petlab.
Lacey B.
She seemed to be getting her youth back, she was more energetic, she was jumping up on furniture which she hadn’t been doing, she wanted to go for a walk and just more playful overall.
Biz D.
I had just adopted a new puppy and the puppy was active but Luke wasn’t. So I took a chance and ordered some Petlab hip and joint chews. After I ordered the hip and joint chews, I’d say within two, two weeks, I noticed a very sizable difference in Luke’s activity. He was running, he was playing, he was chasing his ball, he loves to chase his ball. I am forever grateful for Petlab Company.
Jordan W.
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