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Dog Dental Care: Products for Easy, At-Home Teeth Cleaning

Streamline your dog’s teeth-cleaning routine with our scientifically formulated dental care products for dogs. Skip the hassle and stress of dog toothpaste and brushing. Freshen breath, whiten teeth, and support your dog’s overall oral health with our innovative dog dental powder, prebiotic dental sticks, and daily dental formula.

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Vet Reviewed

“The success of ProBright® Advanced in reducing one of the most common compounds responsible for bad breath is a testament to its efficacy.”

Dr. Jan Bellows,
Board Certified Veterinary Dentist.

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Dog Teeth Cleaning – Simplified

Along with regular veterinary checkups, developing an at-home dental care routine is one of the best ways to support your canine companion’s oral health. Our dog dental care products are made with premium ingredients to help freshen breath, whiten teeth, and target tartar buildup for healthy dog teeth and gums.

PetLab Co.’s dog dental supplements are available in different formulations to fit your dog’s needs:

  • ProBright Advanced: A simple – yet powerful – dog dental powder that cleans teeth and is clinically shown to reduce a bad-breath-causing compound by 40% in just 28 days.
  • Prebiotic Dental Sticks: These dog dental chews target tartar buildup, help whiten teeth, and support digestion with inulin, a natural prebiotic.
  • Dental Formula: An effortless dental solution for dogs that supports overall oral hygiene.

Easy to Use Between Professional Cleanings

Regular dental check-ups and dog teeth cleaning by veterinary professionals are important for your dog’s health and wellbeing. PetLab Co.’s dog teeth cleaning products are designed to be used for daily maintenance between veterinary appointments and services. Our dental powder, dental sticks, and dental formula provide a no-hassle, stress-free way to care for your dog’s teeth, mouth, and gums without brushing.

Suitable for Puppies, Adult Dogs & Seniors

Support canine dental health at any life stage with our science-backed products. Our formulations are a suitable part of any puppy dental care routine for dogs 12 weeks and older. They are designed to grow with your dog into adulthood and their golden years. Starting dental care for puppies is a proactive approach to help support healthy teeth and gums in the future.


Dog Dental Care: Frequently Asked Questions

A dog toothbrush and dog-safe toothpaste are recommended for daily cleaning. If your dog is not comfortable with tooth brushing, a dog dental powder that is sprinkled over food can help clean teeth and target tartar buildup without brushing. Dental solutions that you add to water and dental chews for dogs are other care products that can be easily incorporated as part of your pup’s oral hygiene routine.

Most veterinarians recommend professional dog dental cleanings at least once per year. However, pet parents should practice daily at-home dental care between professional cleanings to support healthy dog teeth and gums.

It is recommended to brush your dog’s teeth once per day, or at a minimum of 3 times per week. Talk to your veterinarian about the best toothbrushing schedule for your dog. If your dog doesn’t enjoy having their teeth brushed and it creates stress, you can ask your veterinarian about using a dog dental powder or dental add-to-water solution to help keep teeth clean.

We suggest starting to brush your puppy’s teeth once they grow their adult teeth, which happens around 8 months old. However, it’s a good idea to get a puppy used to gentle mouth handling and dental care products like a tooth brush even earlier to ease them into the experience. Follow package instructions and guidelines for starting any other dog dental products including dental chews, add-to water-solutions, and powders. All PetLab Co. dental products are suitable for puppies and dogs aged 12 weeks and older.

You can buy PetLab Co.’s dog dental cleaning products right here through our secure website. We offer both one-time purchases as well as dental product bundles and subscriptions available at discounted prices. A monthly subscription offers the best value on our dental products for dogs and is the easiest, most affordable way to support long-term use and optimal results. You can also unlock exclusive savings and offers by downloading the PetLab Co. app.
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