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    Do Cats Fart?

    Do Cats Fart?

    by Health / 3 min read

    Published: May 7, 2023

    Summary: Cats can fart, just like humans, but what should you do if your cat farts a lot? In this blog, learn why your cat is farting and how to prevent smelly cat farts... 


    Can Cats Fart? 

    Cats can fart, and feline flatulence, like for most animals is considered natural. Cats typically pass wind quietly and it is usually caused by a build-up of gas in their digestive tract 

    Why Does My Cat Fart So Much? 

    The build-up of gas can be attributed to either swallowing too much air (particularly if they eat very fast!) or a sensitivity to certain foods. Things in their environment like dust, pollen, or parasites (fleas/ticks) can also cause smelly cat farts. If your cat is farting a lot, it’s quite possible that one of these are playing a role... 

    The main culprit, however, is usually food.  

    Prevent Smelly Cat Farts 


    Sensitivities to certain food can become an issue for a cat at any stage in their life. If you suspect your cat has a food sensitivity, you should chat with their vet and look to reputable cat food brands that offer formulated food specifically designed to promote optimal feline digestion.  

    PetLab Co. Pro Tip: If you decide to change your cat’s food, you should do so slowly over a period of weeks. 

    You should also ensure your cat isn’t eating any human food and isn’t being fed too much fiber or too much red meat either, as these can all also contribute to excessive, smelly cat farts.  

    If your cat eats at pace, consider feeding them smaller meals more regularly rather than larger meals spaced out to help them slow down.  

    a gray cat lies on their right-hand side, half asleep on a white duvet


    Some cats can be allergic to flea saliva. Every kitty should be regularly and routinely kept up to date on a flea and tick preventative method to protect them from contracting these uncomfortable and problematic parasites.  

    If you suspect your cat may be sensitive to dust, you should properly vacuum carpets, regularly dust your home and routinely wash throws and blankets that your cat uses too.  

    If you think your cat may have a sensitivity to pollen, you should chat with your vet about how to help.  

    Cat Farts

    If your cat’s excessive gas is accompanied by vomiting or loose stools that are really pungent or don’t appear normal, contact your vet right away. This may be indicating that another health condition is at play... 


    Author Claussen, Kathleen DVM “Cat Flatulence (Gas) Causes And Treatments” Fetch by Web MD, Feb 09. 2021  

    Author O’Brien, Christine “Do Cats Fart?” Hill’s Pet, Jun 20. 2021  

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