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    How To Help Boost Cat Gut Health & Immunity

    How To Help Boost Cat Gut Health & Immunity

    by Health / 3 min read

    Published: April 30, 2023

    Summary: Want to learn how to increase your cat’s immune system? You need to focus on their gut! In this blog, we’ll learn about gut health for cats and how to properly support it... 


    Did you know that the health of your cat’s gut plays a major part in their immune system, digestive system, and overall health?  

    The gut microbiome - located in the gut - is essentially an ecosystem of essential, good bacteria which – when in good shape - helps to absorb nutrients, minimize the likelihood of developing illnesses, produce comfortable, healthy stools, and helps to reduce gas. The human gut microbiome performs in the same way! 

    When the microbiome is disrupted, it can result in inflammation, poor skin and coat health, loose stools, flatulence, constipation, and/or a weakening in immunity. Disruption can occur because of stress (in cats, things like a house move can be very stressful), infection, a sudden shift in their diet, or a course of antibiotics. An unbalanced and poor diet can also wreak havoc on cat gut health... 

    So, how do we make sure our cat’s gut health – and thus, immunity – is in tip-top condition? 

    a green eyed, brown, tan and dark gray moggy stands hunched on a wooden fence with white “socks”, looking back over their left shoulder


    Cat Immune Support 

    A good, balanced diet 

    A cat’s diet is key in keeping their gut microbiome optimized. Choose a cat food that’s been properly formulated, is high in protein and fiber, and labeled as “complete” so you know the correct amount of nutrients your cat needs are in the food you’re buying. You should avoid feeding them raw meat and risky, potentially toxic, high-fat human foods.  

    PetLab Co. Pro Tip: If you choose to change your cat’s diet, make sure to do it in a slow and controlled way. A sudden dietary change can sometimes have the opposite effect you’re hoping for on your cat’s gut health.  

    Support them in grooming 

    If you help groom your cat regularly, you’ll prevent them from ingesting lots of hair which can negatively affect your cat’s gut. Yes, cats produce hairballs, but much of that hair goes through the digestive system instead of being regurgitated.  


    Exercise has been proven to benefit the immune system tenfold. It stimulates your cat’s digestive system and it help reduce stress levels which all contribute to a healthy gut. If you have an indoors-only cat, make sure you’re engaging in at least 20 minutes of play a day with them.  

    an apricot-colored Egyptian Mau cat lies curled up but awake and alert (head-risen) on a white duvet in a brightly lit room


    Take Oral Hygiene Seriously 

    Neglecting your cat’s oral health can mean bad bacteria lurking there working its way into their body and negatively impacting their gut health. Read our blog on the importance of a cat’s dental health and how to keep on top of it here.  


    Your cat should always have access to fresh, clean water – change it daily and keep the bowls clean. Not enough water can affect your cat’s gut drastically! Some cats find running water more enticing and you can buy fountains that keep water flowing for cats with this particular preference.  

    Consider probiotics 

    Tailored and targeted probiotic supplements for cats can help directly boost the good, essential bacteria in your cat’s gut. Many reputable brands make feline-appropriate probiotic support supplements, so take some time to do your research or chat with your vet! 


    “Cat Gut Health” 8 Ways To Improve & Restore Your Cat’s Microbiome” Purina  

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