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    Can Cats Eat Bananas?

    Can Cats Eat Bananas?

    by Health / 3 min read


    Published: May 9, 2023

    Summary: Are bananas good, safe, or bad for cats? Learn if cats can have banana, banana peels, banana bread and about the benefits of bananas for cats in this blog... 


    Can Cats Have Bananas? 

    Bananas aren’t toxic for cats to eat. However, not all cats will respond well to banana, and consuming even small amounts of this yellow fruit may result in gastrointestinal upsetlike loose stools or vomiting in some.  

    Due to the sugar levels in bananas, if your cat is overweight or has the condition diabetes they shouldn’t be fed banana at all. If your cat is on a veterinary-prescribed diet, this shouldn’t be deviated from with foods like banana either. If a cat on a prescribed diet or a cat with a diagnosis of diabetes manages to eat some banana, their owner should contact their vet pronto.  

    Can Cats Eat Banana Peels? 

    No. A cat shouldn’t be fed banana peels or be allowed to play with them. It’s not toxic to cats, but the peel is incredibly difficult to digest and due to its toughness, can cause intestinal blockages and poses a choking hazard.  

    a round faced red/brown tabby cat with a fluffy white neck and chest and pale green eyes, sits alert in a soft gray bowl

    Are Bananas Good For Cats?  

    While a banana is considered a super nutritious, beneficial fruit for humans, there aren’t that many benefits for cats. Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning that they have an easier time digesting meat over anything else.  

    According to Sandra C. Mitchell at Pet MD, an occasional slice of a banana every few weeks wouldn’t be the worst thing for your cat to eat – and sure, if your cat really likes it! – but it certainly shouldn’t make up a large or regular part of their everyday diet.  

    Can Cats Eat Banana Bread? 

    While a few crumbs of banana bread shouldn’t harm your cat, according to Leah Watson over at Cats Chef, it’s not advisable to feed them banana bread as many other ingredients in this popular bread may not be so welcome in your cat’s digestive system.  

    Are Banana Plants Toxic To Cats? 

    The Banana Tree is a popular house plant because it is considered pet-safe and according to the ASPCA, is not toxic to cats.  

    If you’re concerned about the nutrient levels your cat is receiving in their current diet, chat to their vet.  

    Before you feed your cat anything new outside of their regular diet, you should always consult with their vet. 


    Author Watson, Leah “Can Cats Eat Banana Bread Or Is It Too Risky?” Cats Chef, Feb 16. 2022  

    Author Mitchell, Sandra C. DVM DABVP “Can Cats Eat Bananas?” Pet MD, Aug 23. 2022  

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