Why Is My Dog So Tired?

Summary: Have you ever wondered, “why is my dog so tired?”. In this blog we learn about all the reasons your dog may be particularly or noticeably tired. A tired dog could be a sign of something else going on…   We can all feel a little tired, lazy, and sluggish from time to time, which […]

Oct 19, 2023·6 min read
Why Is My Dog So Tired?

SummaryHave you ever wondered,why is my dog so tired?”. In this blog we learn about all the reasons your dog may be particularly or noticeably tired. A tired dog could be a sign of something else going on...


We can all feel a little tired, lazy, and sluggish from time to time, which is extremely normal for us humans – and for our pups, too!

We’ve all caught our pups rousing from an evening nap with a full stretch and large yawn, but can too much rest and regular napping be a sign of something else?

Well, the answer is, yes!

Sometimes laziness can be a part of your pup’s personality, but when an energetic dog suddenly becomes sluggish, it could be a sign that your pup may benefit from a little extra support…

It is important to remember that there are external factors that could be causing your pups idle behavior. For example, a nap while temperatures are extremely high or low, or after an extra-long walk, is probably down to your dog feeling exhausted or trying to keep their bodies cool/warm.

However, if your once excitable pup is now more likely to stay in bed instead of going out for a walk, or choosing sleep over dinner, it’s time to try and discover why… 

Why Is My Dog So Tired?

a reddish retriever puppy sleeps on a bed covered in a beige blanket

There are many reasons your pup may be more tired than before. This behavior change could be affected by an external factor that will sort itself out in a few weeks – regardless, it is important to find the cause of your pooches change in energy… 

They Could Be Unwell

If your dog has started to avoid eating, playing with toys or walkies, it could all be because they’re feeling unwell

Potential illnesses can result in your dog seeking more rest than they normally would and may even cause them to act in a way that is very out of character. While their bodies are trying to fight whatever is bothering them, their appetite and energy levels can deplete, leaving them to need more rest and sleep. Always speak to your vet if you think your dog may be unwell.   

It Could Be A Side Effect To Their Medication

Medication for an ongoing health issue could result in a temporarily tired pup. Routine worming and flea removal medicines can make dogs feel sluggish, resulting in them resting a lot more than usual.

This is usually only a temporary reaction. Once your pup is no longer in need of the medication, they should return to their normal, happy, energetic self. 

They Could Have An Upset Stomach

Its always wise to research common household items that can be harmful to your dog – including plants, chemicals, and foods. 

Lots of the foods we eat can be toxic to our dogs – which can result in an upset tummy. We all know to keep dogs away from chocolate (particularly dark), but did you know that avocado, onion, cherries, cocoa powder, apple pips, grapes, raisins, coffee, xylitol (artificial sweetener), and macadamia nuts are all extremely toxic to your pup, too?   

Along with drowsiness, if you notice your pooch drooling, vomiting and experiencing loose stools, seek veterinary assistance as soon as you’re able. The sooner they’re treated, the better for your pup.

They Could Be Sad

a boxer rests their chin on the edge of a brown couch

Our pups are vulnerable to feeling sad, negative emotions, tooand it could be the reason your pup’s energy levels may be out of sorts. Many dogs can feel unsettled and uneasy following a major change; moving to a new environment, adjusting to a new family member – both fluffy or human – or coping with the loss of an owner or companion.

Some dogs may start to feel sad simply because they are bored and under-stimulated...

A less playful pup, who is happier to lay in their bed than go out for a walk, refuses food or ignores other dogs could be feeling blue.   

If this is the case, giving your pup some extra love, care, and affection can help bring your dog out of their sadness. 

They Are Growing Older

Just like us humans, your dog will have different sleeping needs at different stages of life. During the puppy stages, dogs need a lot of sleep to grow and function. Once they reach the later stages of life, their bodies will begin to slow down, with many elderly dogs potentially experience some joint stiffness. 

If your dog is reaching the later stages of life, their new and more regular sleeping pattern may simply be due to their age. It’s always worth having them checked by your vet, as lots of elderly pups need extra support.

What You Can Do To Help Your Tired Dog

an older golden retriever is petted by a white hand as they sit on beige and black marked flooring

Due to the different causes of tiredness, you will need to find the specific reason your pup has become so sleepy. Depending on why this change in energy levels has occurred, there are ways you can help support your pup’s day to day life through supplements and healthy lifestyle habits.

Try to look for a reputable pet brand that makes high-quality multivitamin supplements for dogs. A dog multivitamin can help provide your pup with beneficial vitamins and minerals to help support the overall health.

Keeping your pup stimulated and active can help avoid sadness and boredom, while managing toxic foods and making sure you keep your home safe and clean could help prevent upset tummies... 

These simple changes can help you boost your pup’s health, wellbeing, and happiness. 

Dog Tired

Changes in your dog’s behavior can be worrying for us puppy parents, especially if we’re not 100% sure on the cause of the change. If your dog show signs of laziness or lethargy, it is normally a sign that something else is going on. 

The best advice is to make sure you help keep your pup active – stimulate them every day and make sure if you notice a change in their behavior, seek advice from your vet as soon as possible. 

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