Could These Herbs Help Ease A Dog Stomach Ache?

Summary: Dog upset tummy? Don’t fret! In this blog, we learn a dog upset stomach remedy or two, and how these 5 household herbs could help soothe a dog’s upset tummy…   Let’s face it, no one likes to have an upset stomach, including your pup! And unfortunately for them, they can’t tell us when […]

Oct 04, 2023·6 min read
Could These Herbs Help Ease A Dog Stomach Ache?

Summary: Dog upset tummy? Don’t fret! In this blog, we learn a dog upset stomach remedy or two, and how these 5 household herbs could help soothe a dog’s upset tummy…


Let’s face it, no one likes to have an upset stomach, including your pup! And unfortunately for them, they can’t tell us when they have a stomach ache. That’s why we, as puppy parents, need to know what to look out for so that we can support and help our pooches in their time of need.

When we start to feel the aches and cramps of dreaded tummy troubles, we can try to combat the outcome by eating less and drinking plenty of water, but your pup won’t know to change their eating habits!

Signs of tummy troubles are just the same as with us humans: vomiting, loose stools, and changes in behavior.

What Causes A Dog Upset Tummy?

There are lots of reasons your dog may be suffering from an upset stomach – some that you can help from never happening again, and then others that are completely out of your control.

  • Eaten something they shouldn’t have
  • Anxiousness & stress
  • Car/travel sickness
  • Bad bacteria
  • Illness
  • Seasonal Allergies

Take a look at these common household herbs that can help soothe your pup’s stomach issues, and give them a natural, helping hand back to wellness and full health…

PetLab Co. Pro Advice: If your pet keeps suffering from stomach problems, make sure you take a visit to your vet. It is extremely common for dogs to experience gastrointestinal issues, but if it becomes a regular occurrence, it may be a signal that your dog is susceptible to a severe allergy or something more sinister is going on.

Dog Upset Stomach Remedy


a large sprig of dill

Dill… Yes, dill. You may know it as the pickle seasoning, but it can also aid your pup’s tummy difficulties. This aromatic herb sometimes referred to as dill weed, is a member of the parsley family and has been used as a medicinal hero for hundreds of years. Mainly used to aid digestion difficulties, this herb is a good choice for supporting your dog while they’re suffering from nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

How does it work? Well, there is a chemical in dill that will help relax muscles and fight bacteria – both amazing for your poorly pup. And, as an added bonus, not only can the dill help reduce your dog’s upset tummy, but it will also have antioxidant properties that can help freshen breath.


a large piece of ginger on a white surface

So, this herb isn’t just amazing for human tummy troubles, but can seriously help your pup too!

Ginger has been used in medicine for centuries, helping to combat nausea and sickness. Why is ginger so amazing? Well, when ginger is cooked or dried, a component called gingerols forms into the substance shogaols. Both these components are incredible, acting as antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and antimicrobial, which work together to block the signals to the brain, stopping serotonin from stimulating the vomiting reflex.

This is perfect for helping your pooch through nausea or travel sickness. Simply add ½ teaspoon – or ¾ if your dog is considered a large breed (over 35lbs). Mix the ground ginger into your pup’s food and allow it to work its magic.


a parsley plant drapes over it's white china container

Lots of puppy parents add a few pinches of curly parsley to their dog’s mealtime routine to freshen their breath, but did you know that it is also amazing for supporting tummy troubles and discomfort? Given in moderation, this tasty herb is a great at-home remedy to ease the discomfort and symptoms brought on by stomach issues. Simply take a fresh leaf of curly parsley, chop it up finely and add sprinkle it on your dog’s food. For the maximum health benefits, do this twice a week and you’ll help give your pooch the much-needed support to get through their belly problems.

PetLab Co. Pro Tip: It is important to only give your pup the curly variety of parsley, and not Seed or “Spring Parsley” (wild carrot) or “Flat-Leaf/Italian Parsley” due to their toxicity. If your dog is pregnant, they should not be fed parsley at all as it can lead to delivery complications. 

Slippery Elm

the green leaves of a slippery elm plant


Slippery Elm should not be given to pregnant dogs!

Slippery Elm is technically the bark of a tree… But, it can be incredibly beneficial for your dog, helping with diarrhea, constipation and many stomach irritations. By reducing inflammation and helping lubricate the digestive tract, this special type of bark is packed with plenty of health-boosting nutrients; vitamins A, B, C, and K, along with calcium, sodium, and magnesium.

Whilst symptoms are active, add a dash of the bark to some plain food, which will be easier for your dog to digest if their tummy is upset and sensitive. The slippery elm may help ease the symptoms and get your pup onto the road of recovery.

PetLab Co. Pro TipSome dogs may be allergic to this herb so should be used sparingly in case of exacerbating the situation. Do not feed slippery elm to pregnant dogs.


a large collection of licorice

When you think of licorice, those little black candies may come to mind – well, that is not what we’re suggesting giving to your pooch! Traditionally the flavoring for the black licorice candy, this root has been used to help digestive problems in a variety of cultures all over the world for centuries.

Just like the previous herbs mentioned, you need to use this root in moderation when it comes to soothing your pup’s upset tummy – whether caused by travel, illness or allergies. This root is completely safe and can also contain health-boosting properties by supporting the liver and can ease the effects brought on by allergies.

Dog Upset Tummy

Nobody likes an upset tummy, so it can be quite stressful for your four-legged friend when they’re feeling a little under the weather.

As well as herbs, there are many other ways you can help your dog with their stomach ache. 

The sooner they feel better, the happier pooch you will have.


Author Peralta, Jessica “A Tasty Herb, Dill Also Offers 3 Handy Health Benefits for Your Dog” Dogs Naturally Magazine, Dec 10. 2021


This post was updated on 09/29/2022. This post was originally published on 09/04/2019.

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