Homemade Dog Toys

Dog toys can be expensive, but there are many DIY dog enrichment toys and homemade dog toys you can make your dog at home! Learn how to make your next homemade dog toy in this blog.

Oct 27, 2023·4 min read
Homemade Dog Toys

Dogs can experience loneliness and boredom just like we can. Unfortunately, many pet parents don’t realize that their fur babies need mental stimulation as well as physical stimulation to help keep their minds and bodies agile and happy. That’s because dogs are incredibly smart!

However, sometimes even throwing their toys up and down the living room may get a bit repetitive for both us and our doggos. Also, dog toys can be expensive! 

So, what DIY dog enrichment toys are out there to try? Homemade dog toys and games can be a great way of keeping your dog mentally stimulated and contribute to their overall wellbeing and provide you with some different entertainment too! The following DIY dog toy ideas are perfect for days you’re stuck working from home, when the weather is too adverse or you just fancy spending some quality time with your pooch… 

Homemade Toys For Dogs

a brown and white collie dog with amber eyes looks up at the camera from brown laminate flooring, holding a brown moose toy in their mouth. The toy wears a red, polka dot bow around its neck

Knotted Old Clothes Toy

Got an old t-shirt, tea towel or pair of jeans lying around? Perfect! Instead of throwing the item away to rot in landfill, why not run it through the washing machine, allow it to dry and then tear/cut the fabric into strips? Then, simply tie one end of the strips together (3 or 6 strips is perfect!), and simply plait the fabric and tie it at the other end. Et voila – you have a new DIY dog enrichment toy!

A toy like this is also easily machine washable again – so, you can keep it fresh and clean for your pooch!

PetLab Co. Pro Tip: Got an old sock with holes in? After it’s been through the wash and dried, simply tie it in a knot and throw it over to your pet to play with!

Muffin Tin Dog Puzzle Toy

Reach for your muffin tin and a collection of tennis balls – it’s time for you and Fido to play the Muffin Tin Game – a brilliant homemade dog toy! Grab some of their favorite treats, kibble and/or some chopped up carrots or green beans. Put your chosen treats in every muffin hole and cover each one with a tennis ball. 

Your dog will be able to smell the treats, and will have to work out how to get the balls off the tin to get to the treats. If they start to get good at this game, only put treats in some of the holes, not all of them!

a black, white and tan mixed terrier breed sits on a cream couch holding a cream, knotted rope toy in their mouth. They look toward the camera.

Sock It Up

Using either a plastic bottle or a ball, get a thick sock and put the item in it (make sure you remove the label from the plastic bottle if you use one first). Then, tie the open end of the sock as tightly as you can around it. Offer this DIY dog enrichment toy to them, and let them play with it under your supervision.

As your pup chews on the bottle, it will make crunchy noises which can be very stimulating. If the bottle disintegrates during/after play, simply dispose of the toy and make another when you next have a sock that’s ready to be up-cycled!

Food Tube Puzzle

For this DIY dog toy, you’ll need some inner toilet roll tubes, an empty shoebox and treats. Simply place your toilet roll tubes lengthways in the shoebox, closely packed together. Then, scatter a mixture of your dog’s kibble and their favorite treats in the tubes! Offer the box to your dog while supervised, and watch them work out how to get the treats out… 

Games like this work similarly to doggy lick mats. They provide mental stimulation, help burn excess energy, provide comfort and also slow down dogs that scoff their food

Enjoy playing with your pooch!


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