New Data Reveals America’s Most Popular Dog Halloween Costumes – Chucky Crowned Top!

Fancy dressing your dog up this spooky season? It turns out Chucky takes the top spot in the US as the most popular Halloween costume for your furry friend   An easy-to-DIY ghost costume comes in as the second-best choice – requiring only a bedsheet to pull off – while a Grinch dog costume ranked third  […]

Nov 02, 2023·7 min read
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New Data Reveals America’s Most Popular Dog Halloween Costumes – Chucky Crowned Top!
  • Fancy dressing your dog up this spooky season? It turns out Chucky takes the top spot in the US as the most popular Halloween costume for your furry friend  
  • An easy-to-DIY ghost costume comes in as the second-best choice – requiring only a bedsheet to pull off – while a Grinch dog costume ranked third 
  • As Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas celebrates its 30th anniversary this November, ‘Zero dog costume’ is featured in the top ten 
  • Pet expert, Chris Masanto, reveals tips to keep your dressed-up dog calm this Halloween – including signs of stress to look out for

He might not be the first costume that springs to mind, but Chucky came out as the most popular costume choice among dog owners in the US, as they look to dress their pooch up as the horror icon.

PetLab Co. analyzed nationwide Google search data to reveal the top ten most searched-for Halloween costumes for dogs, to see which characters proved the most popular for our furry friends – and which costumes may be better for those seeking more originality this year.

Americans have never been keener to get in the spooky spirit with this year’s national Halloween spend estimated to hit a record-high $12.2 billion, according to the National Retail Federation. This is a huge 15.1% increase compared to last year and is equivalent to $108.24 spent per person.

Within this figure, which accounts for candy, decoration, and costumes, a whopping $700 million is estimated to be spent on pet Halloween costumes alone.

So, what are the most popular Halloween costumes for those hoping to get their furry friend in on the action this year? The data reveals that the top ten most searched-for are: 

  1. Chucky – 6.6%
  2. Ghost – 6.0%
  3. Grinch – 5.5%
  4. Scooby-Doo – 5.4%
  5. Ewok – 5.1%
  6. Bat – 5.0%
  7. Star Wars – 4.9%
  8. Spider – 4.8%
  9. Dinosaur – 3.9%
  10. Zero – 3.7%

#1 Chucky

Even though some of us prefer cute costumes over spooky ones, it turns out that most dog owners are fans of classic horror icons, with red-headed serial killing doll Chucky coming out as the most popular costume overall. This may be due to the long-standing nature of the film franchise, which started in 1988 with Child’s Play and is still going strong, with the latest film released in 2019.

Dog dressed as a ghost with a white sheet covering, set against a spooky cobweb background for Halloween

#2 Ghost

Simplicity is key when it comes to the second-most popular costume for dogs, as all owners need to turn their furry friend into a ghost is a bedsheet and a pair of scissors. The rise in popularity around this outfit may also be attributed to the ghost photoshoot trend on TikTok, which sees dog owners snap a series of spooky yet adorable shots of their pooches in the simple-yet-effective costume.

#3 Grinch 

Although the Grinch is typically associated with Christmas more than Halloween, the recognizability and seasonal relevance of the character means it’s a perfect choice for pet owners. The warmth of the furry, green outfit can also help keep your pooch cozy and warm while you’re out and about this Halloween. Alternatively, the Grinch’s best friend, Max is a super easy costume to pull together for those looking for a last-minute idea! Take it from the star of the film himself:

#4 Scooby-Doo 

Mystery Solved! The beloved dog has come out as one of the top five most searched for dog Halloween costumes across the US – and it’s no surprise as to why. As far as recognizable canine characters go, you can’t get much better than the animated dog detective – and it’s another great opportunity for a group costume if you’re heading out to trick or treat as a family.

#5 Ewok

CUTENESS OVERLOAD – dog owners are eager to transport their very own creatures from the forest moon of Endor to their homes right here on Earth, with Ewoks placing fifth on the list. Not only are they endearing and versatile – as they’re available in a wide variety of sizes and styles – but they’re also perfect if your family is particularly into the Star Wars fandom and looking for a group costume.

#6 Bat

This is a great costume choice for a dog who struggles with full-body costumes, as all you need to pull it off is a pair of wings that can easily slot onto your pet’s back. It also makes sense that it’s one of the most popular choices given its simplicity, as it’s timeless and requires fairly little preparation.

#7 Star Wars

Whether it’s Chewbarker or Jabba the Pup, Americans clearly can’t wait to dress up their dog in a Star Wars costume with this search coming in seventh. Using Star Wars characters as inspiration is a great way to incorporate some nostalgia into your spooky season– and also makes them highly sharable for those looking to score some social media points. May the force be with you this Halloween…  wise-dog-english-bulldog-wearing-munk-170456858

#8 Spider

This is another super simple costume choice for dogs who struggle to have things on their head, as you can often master the look by just attaching some large pipe cleaners or pool noodles to your pet’s back via a band. The versatility and simplicity of this costume also makes it a perfect spooky DIY project for you and your little ones in the run-up to the big day.

#9 Dinosaur 

Rounding out the top ten searches is dinosaur dog costumes, which are perfect for dog owners who prefer opting for playful outfits over creepy costumes. This choice is another one that benefits from versatile sizing, meaning both small and large dogs can participate in the fun, and are typically designed with comfort and mobility in mind.

#10 Zero 

This year Tim Burton’s ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is celebrating its 30th anniversary, so it’s no surprise that Zero costumes for dogs ranks in the top ten searches. (It’s easy to make, too – think of a ghost with a little pumpkin nose). The Jack Skellington flick has been a firm fan favorite for three decades, and his spooky best friend is no different!

While it’s important to keep in mind which costumes are particularly popular for pets, it’s also key to consider your dog’s comfort when including them in your Halloween festivities.

Co-founder and CEO of PetLab Co., Christopher Masanto, comments on the findings,

“We all love seeing how adorable our dogs look dressed up in their costumes, and its great owners think of their pets as part of the family. However, some dogs may not feel the same love for their costumes as we do. Dressing up may even cause some of our pets to become stressed and anxious, especially if they’ve never worn anything similar before. They’ll be less spooky, and more spooked.” 

“If you’re planning to dress up your furry friend this year, there are some signs of stress you may want to look out for, including whimpering, excessive panting, rubbing, or scratching. This may be caused by discomfort associated with parts of their costume or sensory overload caused by a new sensation. If you notice these signs, it may be time to lose the outfit and take your pooch back home.”  

“To help calm your dog if they’re feeling uneasy, make sure they have an easily accessible safe place. This may be the room they sleep in or cuddled up on the couch under a blanket. You’ll want to ensure the place is quiet to allow your dog time to return to its usual happy state. We love Halloween, but we love our pets too, and this way, we can ensure a safe and enjoyable Halloween for everyone!”

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