1. Where is my order?

To find out the status of your order please email contact@thepetlabco.com.

2. How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel or change your monthly subscription, please log in to our Subscription Manager here using your email address and Order ID. Alternatively, you can contact us at contact@thepetlabco.com, or dial +1 (941) 217-1456, and our customer service team will be more than happy to amend your subscription for you. 

3. Do You Do Sample Packs? 

Unfortunately, not at the moment, but we’re working on it! We’re confident both you and your dog will love our products, though, which is why we have our 90-day money back guarantee! If you’re not happy with the product (or your puppy isn’t keen) then just contact our customer service team and send them back to us for a full refund!