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We’re Petlab Co! A company built by animal lovers, for animal lovers.

We provide everything from joint health supplements to anti itch dog shampoo; our entire product range has been designed specifically to support and enhance your pet’s quality of life, helping them to live longer, healthier, and happier.

We are extremely proud to be one of the world’s fastest-growing pet supplement companies. Having launched in December 2018, our loyal customer base has grown rapidly into a thriving global community of over 300,000 people! We feel both humbled and blessed to be able to see clearly the hugely positive impact our products have on the lives of pets and pet owners!

We’re a young, vibrant, fast-moving, and customer-centric team that values and rewards dedicated, high-performing employees - the ideal working place for ambitious, hardworking, animal-loving candidates who are looking to rapidly progress their career; while working alongside our friendly office pups!

With a strong foothold in the United States, we plan to rapidly establish our place in the pet market across Europe and Asia. Throughout the past year, we have grown in the United Kingdom, Germany, and France, and we intend to continue this growth trend into more countries, with the aim of supporting pets all over the world.

Every day we continuously learn and research high-quality ingredients, products, and supplements to provide your four-legged friends with the very best care. Our transparent and open relationship with our enthusiastic community is paramount - after all, if they’re not happy, we’re not happy.



Improving The Lives Of Pets

Here at Petlab Co., we are driven singularly by one very important goal: to improve the lives of all pets. Period. This comes in many forms; providing a tasty chew that promotes your dog’s joint health, enabling them to run again, a chew that helps to stop your pup from itching, or a treat that simply promotes teeth and gum health.

Our Commitment To Quality

If an ingredient, vitamin, or mineral is not top quality, then it will not make it into any of our products! Our commitment to quality is second to none. With a dedicated team, our research is extensive and never-ending, so you can have confidence in all of our products.

Building Loving Communities

Building loving, thriving, and active communities around the love of cats, dogs, and all pets no matter their size or shape, is especially important to all of us here at Petlab. We are so proud to have thriving communities on Facebook, Reddit, and around the globe; digitally and physically.


Meet the teams

Christopher Masanto CEO & Founder
Damian Grabarczyk COO & Co-founder
Matthew Forwood CFO
Stephen Andrews Accounts Assistant
Su San Accounts Assistant
Sylwia Szmydt Accounts Assistant
Eslam Abdalla Head of Development
Emil Dinu Tech Team Lead
Nihad Hassan Web Developer
Tom Harrison Web Developer
Matt Davies Head Of Marketing
Michael Farah Head of Creative
Jesper Manson Media Buyer
Babak Faraji Media Buyer
Alex Chrisostomou Media Buyer
David Janer Media Buyer
Tiffany Lai Growth Lead
Oliver Wells SEO & Community Manager
Tyra Brown Growth Hacker
Cathrine Frost Growth Hacker
Andrew Shields Amazon Specialist
Owen O’Neill Customer Service Representative
Rachel Cleverley Senior Content & Copywriter Manager
Rebecca Trigg Content Writer
Tom Kruszewski Copywriter
Digital Content
Max Leach Head Of Video
Tom Deacon Digital Content Producer
Olivia Podmore Digital Content Producer
Lola Oyeyemi Digital Content Producer
Graphic Design
Andrew Tickner Senior Graphic Designer
Tea Taneski Graphic Designer
Michael Gillanders Graphic Designer
Operations - Supply Chain
Daniel Rayner Head of Operations
Emilia Kaminska Supply Chain Manager
Monica Gitahi Compliance Manager
Business & HR Operations
Alana Baguley Global Operations Manager
Ryan Vaswani Internal Recruiter
Stephanie Jezard Office Manager/PA
Kamila Grabarczyk Operations Coordinator
Wioletta Samar Administrator

Meet the Pets of Petlab

Zeeko CTO (Chief Tasting Officer)
Bertie Head Of Puplicks Relations
Arnie InTerrier Designer
Brian Barketing Manager
Bella CFO (Chief Fetch Officer)
Milo Furnancial Advisor
Lola Furnancial Intern
Bambi Head Of Kenneltitics
Indie Pawwfice Manager
Buddy Purrrrsonal Assistant
Bruno VPP (Vice President Of Petting)


Bring your dog to work!
We believe that there should always be at least one dog in the office each and every day! (If there are no dogs, then what’s the point?) So, if you have a furry companion that you can’t bear to leave alone for the day, bring him/her along with you. The more dogs in the office, the happier we all are. After all, a day without a few furry cuddles isn’t a productive one!
Gym membership
We love fitness in its many forms here at Petlab! As such, should you wish to frequent one of the many local Puregyms, then the monthly fee is on us! If you prefer Virgin Active, which is but a stone’s throw away from our front door, then we’ve got you for 50% of the overall monthly membership cost!
Table tennis tables
Our table tennis tables are ever-popular, some argue a little too popular… and are completely open to any and all whenever the urge may strike! Though you may have to get in line… You may also need to take care with errant balls, as they have proven to be popular chew toys!
Flexible working hours
We believe you should be in charge of the hours you work. So long as you work your pre-agreed amount of hours per day, and your weekly quota is met, then the rest is up to you. Ensuring a positive work-life balance is vital to us, and we know it is also vital to you, especially now.
Cycle to work scheme
Our cycles to work scheme is an excellent employee benefit (that lots of our staff love too!) that is able to save you 25-39% on a brand new bike as well as bike accessories, such as a helmet! You pay nothing upfront and the payments are taken (tax efficiently) from your salary by us!
Doughnuts and wine!
Doughnuts and wine! Two vital pillars of any workforce. We do make sure to treat our team and often get deliveries of sweet or savory, as well as wine, or your alcohol of choice! (Not limited to Fridays!). Pre COVID we would socialise often in the evenings, and we are excited for this to resume.
Superb company culture
As a startup, we have made sure to nurture and develop our company culture from the very beginning. At Petlab, we pride ourselves on being forward-thinking and modern in everything that we do. Every team member is, to an individual, kind, generous, open, and welcoming.
Professional development
We believe that it is very important to actively encourage the professional development of all staff members. Whether you are in operations or product development, if there is a course or program that you believe will be of benefit to you professionally, then we will help you to enroll and complete this course or program.

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1 roles available in 1 locations
Marketing & Growth Hacking
Marketing & Growth Hacking
Technology & Ecommerce
Data & Analytics
Customer Relations
Product Development
Operations & Customer Services
London, UK (Currently Remote)
London, UK (Currently Remote)


Technology & Ecommerce
Data & Analytics
Marketing & Growth Hacking
Customer Relations
Product Development
Operations & Customer Services



Featured jobs

1 roles available in 1 locations
Marketing & Growth Hacking
Marketing & Growth Hacking
Technology & Ecommerce
Data & Analytics
Customer Relations
Product Development
Operations & Customer Services
London, UK (Currently Remote)
London, UK (Currently Remote)