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    Tips & Tricks To Get The Best From Your Products

    Tips & Tricks To Get The Best From Your Products

    by Health & Wellness / 3 min read

    Hey! Welcome to the Petlab Co. family!


    We’re so excited to have you and your pet as part of the Petlab Co. community, and we hope you enjoy your experience with our products!

    But we understand that you want to see results fast. And hey, we get that. We’re pet owners, too!

    Where our pets are concerned, we want their life, health, and wellbeing to be the highest quality at all times. This means that we want the products we give them, and use in their everyday life, to do what they say they’re going to do!

    So, how can you maximize the results of our best-selling Petlab Co. products? How can you do your part in making sure your product is functioning at an optimal level from the get-go? Be the best pet parent you can be by following our advice below…

    Make The Most Of Your Joint Care Chews 

    When it comes to our hero product, it’s definitely our Joint Care Chews. Our acclaimed Joint Care Chews are designed to support the long-term health of connective tissues, especially pertinent for aging dogs, dogs with arthritis, or dogs with joint stiffness due to daily activity and exercise. We can’t think of a greater gift for a dog than to keep them pain-free…remember these are also used preventatively, not just for dogs with issues already.

    To make the most out of these tasty chews, you should give them to your dog every day to ensure and support optimum joint and bone health. They make a great loving treat, snack, or praising reward!

    The standard doses are as follows:

    •   For dogs 25lbs or under, feed them ½ a joint care treat per day, as a snack or treat or crumbled onto their food.
    •   For dogs 25lb to 75lbs, feed them one whole chew per day, as a snack or treat, or crumbled onto their food.
    •   For dogs over 75lbs, feed them 2 joint care chews per day, as a snack or treat, or crumbled onto their food.

    You should also store your Joint Care Chews in a cool, dry place and carefully reseal the tub after every use.

    It’s important that you continue to give your dog our Joint Care Chews every day to see optimal results. Like with any supplement, by stopping daily use, you can risk your dog’s discomfort returning. Some customers see results within month 1, and some see the best results from months 2 and 3 onwards.

    Make The Most Of Your Dog Dental Formula

    Our popular Dog Dental Formula contains antimicrobial and antibacterial ingredients, designed to target plaque and tartar – especially in places that toothbrushes and conventional methods struggle to reach. By investing in your dog’s dental health early, means you’re giving them the best shot at living well into their later years in good health. You see, unhealthy dog gums could lead to eating difficulties, decay, and even organ disease. So, nice one, Dog Mama/Papa!

    Read more on why canine dental health is so important here.

    To get the most out of your Dog Dental Formula, regardless of your pup’s weight or breed, the same rules of use apply:

    •   Simply add 1 teaspoon of Dog Dental Formula to 8 ounces of drinking water.
    •   Ensure you provide your pet with fresh water every morning, and a new dose of dental wash too, for maximum effectiveness.
    •   You should also use a clean bowl for their water, as well as their food, every day which in turn will not only protect their health, but help the Dog Dental Formula to work optimally.

    Read more on why washing your dog’s bowl is imperative for their long term health here.

    Daily usage of the Dog Dental Formula can result in fresher-smelling breath and healthier teeth and gums. No nasty additives mean it’s safe for everyday use. 

    Always ensure the bottle is closed properly after use.

    Make The Most Of Your Itch Relief Chews

    We’re incredibly proud of our Itch Relief Chews. They help to support a reduction in overall itchiness from allergies or skin irritants, and are able to improve the condition of your dog’s skin and coat health.

    You should give your pooch our dog remedy for itchy skin each and every day. We’re positive your pup will love the taste! Use as a treat or snack, a reward for good behavior, or crumbled over a main meal.

    To ensure the effectiveness of the Itch Relief Chews, make sure to follow our feeding guide:

    •   For dogs under 20lbs, feed 1 chew per day
    •   For dogs 21-45lbs, feed 2 chews per day
    •   For dogs 45-80lbs - 3 chews per day
    •   For dogs over 80lbs - 4 chews per day

    You should also store your Itch Relief Chews in a cool, dry place and carefully reseal the tub after every use. 

    Like with all supplements for irritated skin, the benefits will continue for as long as you use them! Be sure to feed them to your dog every day to support their skin and coat health and reap maximum results from your purchase!

    Make The Most Of Your Probiotic Chews


    Our amazing Probiotic Chews contain a selected blend of vitamins and minerals, each designed to promote optimum gut health, helping your dog lead a happy and healthy life. The Probiotic Chews can help with:

    • Better coat health
    • More energy
    • Leaner body mass
    • Better mood

    That's right. Poor canine gut health can affect your pup's immune system, energy levels, and even their organ function. Feeding them a Probiotic Chew every day can help ensure their digestive system is in optimum condition, and thus promote these other elements that may effect their health and happiness.

    Use a Probiotic Chew as a treat or snack, a reward for good behavior, or crumbled over a main meal.

    To reap the maximum benefits of your Probiotic Chews, make sure you follow the feeding guide: 

    • For dogs under 25lbs, feed 1 probiotic chew per day
    • For dogs 25-75lbs, feed 2 probiotic chews per day
    • For dogs over 75lbs, feed 3 probiotic chews per day

    You should store your Probiotic Chews in a cool, dry place and carefully reseal the pouch after each use.

    It’s important that you continue to give your dog the Probiotic Chews every day to really get those optimal results. Like with any supplement, by stopping daily use, you will slow their progress down.

    Some customers have reportedly seen results within 2 weeks, but some see the best results from 4 to 6 weeks onwards so consistency is important.

    It's important to note that the Petlab Co. Probiotic Chews shouldn't be used to cure yeast infections. If your dog is experiencing a suspected yeast infection, make sure to have them assessed and treated by their vet.

    General Hints & Tips To Maximise The Results Of All Our Products

    Read The Label Of Your Petlab Co. Product

    Every Petlab Co. product has the feeding guide printed on the packaging so you can refer to it whenever you need it. Getting the amount right for the size and weight of your dog is imperative for optimal product performance!

    Consistency Is Key

    Nearly all of our Petlab Co. products advise usage every day. Consistency and appropriate frequent use of our products help to ensure their effectiveness. So, read the label and then make it a staple in your pooch’s routine from day dot!

    Document Your Dog’s Progress

    Sometimes when you see something every day, you can’t track the difference as well! Using written notes, videos, and/or pictures marking your dog’s progress with our products can be a great way of seeing if they’re working!

    Using the Dog Dental Formula? Gently coax their lips up and take a picture of their teeth/gums every few days, making sure to get one before introducing the product first!

    Using the Joint Care Chews? Video them walking and moving around every couple of days and assess their mobility and willingness to exercise. Remember to get a clip before usage starts.

    Using the Itch Relief Chews? Take short notes every day on how often they seem to be itching and compare your notes after a few weeks!

    We hope you enjoy your new Petlab Co. product! If you have any further questions or queries,  please do not hesitate to get in touch. One of our pawsome team members will get back to you as soon as possible!

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